Yum2Three Movie Magic Bakers Box Review

We were kindly sent a Yum2three movie box to make and review.

If you follow us over on Instagram you will know that the mini Buxton’s and I love a good craft, kit or subscription box! Obviously at the weekend we love to get out and about and I try to get as much fresh air in everyone’s lungs as possible- but we all know how temperamental our great British weather can be, and sometimes a weekend stuck in doors is on the cards unfortunately.

Tadinka set up Yum2three to inspire others to bake, have fun, but also bake with quality ingredients to make some yummy treats no matter if you are a Mary Berry expert or totally rubbish at baking- like me!! She says “our boxes promise fabulous wow-factor and fun”, today we put that to the test!

Here’s how we got on:

When I first discussed with Tadinka being sent a Movie Magic Box I decided to have a little browse through the website and find out a little more about this small business. The Movie magic box is currently the cheapest baking box at £19.99 on the website, and being completely honest at first thought I considered that may be a little expensive for a baking box to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon, so was intrigued to find out what set this baking box apart from other lower priced competition.

When the box arrived it was clear to see. As soon as it lands on your doorstep you can see the attention to every detail that has been taken. I’m a sucker for good packaging and strongly believe it can completely set a product apart and make it that bit more special, and the yum2three packaging does not disappoint. The box is covered in beautiful baking illustrations, and is secured with large personalised stickers. On opening the box you are presented with beautiful tissue paper concealing individually wrapped and labelled parcels to begin your baking journey!


The Movie Magic Box is not just a one item bake kit, it includes all the necessities to make a great movie night in- all you need to supply is the movie and the comfy seats!

The box included:

  • The ingredients and cupcake boxes to make salted caramel cupcakes.
  • A mini pick and mix of sweets
  • 2 x bags of Butterkist Toffee popcorn
  • 1 x bag of popcorn kernels to have a go at making your own popcorn (which made three bowls full!)
  • Full step by step dummy proof Instructions for everything!

We completed the box in about two hours, although with older children may take a little less time!! Harry and Grace enjoyed every minute, as they were able to really get stuck in and help with all parts of the cupcake baking, frosting making, decorating and then they also helped make their own popcorn! They obviously then helped to eat their way through all of the yumminess!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this baking box and so did the children. The quality of all the components of the box really made a difference and set this bake box apart. The cakes tasted divine and were appreciated by both the adults and the children. The whole experience set a lovely mood for the rest of the afternoon, to sit and have a snuggle on the sofa watching a favourite Disney film whilst scoffing all of our makes and the extra pick and mix treat.

So if you’re looking for a quality bake box to save for a rainy day, or a lovely gift I would highly recommend a pop over to Yum2three. I have the amazing looking Ultrachocker Glory chocolate cake kit on my wish list for our next afternoon of baking!


Here’s how our afternoon looked!

Harry and Grace began by putting the little paper cases in the muffin tray, then adding the ingredients to the mixing bowl and mixing them up!

They then divided the mix into the cases and I popped them in the oven. Whilst they were cooking we began to make the frosting topping.

We also decided to have ago at making the popcorn from the kernels included. The kids really enjoyed this part!

There was obviously also lots of licking of spoons, bowls and whisks!! Then came the fun of the cupcake decorating.

Here was the final result of a fab morning of fun!



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