The Curtain Toilet Roll Trick!


A Friend came over to visit the other day and was saying she was having trouble getting her curtains to ‘sit’ well, as no matter what she did with them they looked all scruffy and different sized pleats etc. She asked how mine seemed to sit well and uniform, and did I have to faff with them every time I opened and closed them to make them look tidy?

Don’t get me wrong my curtains are not perfect by any stretch and are just long velvet ones from Next. But I understood completely what she was asking as I had similar trouble trying to get the top of the curtains to look tidy without the constant faffing and setting them up to look tidy.

I asked her if she had tried the toilet roll trick to see if that helped, and she looked at me like I had lost the plot! She had never heard of it.

So here I thought I would share my toilet roll trick with you. It may not work for you and your curtains, although I use on both ring tab tops and pleated, and think it makes them look considerably better, but again it’s all personal preference.

Step 1 is to collect a good amount of toilet rolls before they are binned and keep them aside until you have at least 10 to have a go.

Cut them open- this makes them not only easier to cut to size but also a lot easier to put on the curtain pole, so that you don’t need to take the pole down to put them on.

Then cut them to the size you want each pleat to be in your curtain. This step may be a little trial and error until you get the right size that you think looks right for your curtains. For the curtains in these pictures, I cut mine in half which was enough for each gap. As they are extra wide curtains too larger sized pieces makes the open curtain sit too far into the window, blocking out some of the light.

Here is a picture of our lounge curtains after putting them up (without toilet rolls spacers). Each time they are closed and then opened they are all different sized sections at the top, and I need to ‘set’ them to make them look tidy.

Make sure your curtains cover your curtain pole, otherwise the cardboard will be seen. I needed to lift the curtains slightly by just popping the curtain hooks another row down to get the extra height to cover the top of the pole. Place a section of cardboard between each curtain ring and celotape closed so they don’t fall off every time you open the curtains! Here make sure they are either slightly larger than your curtain rings otherwise they will slide through the rings, or place a few cuts around each end of the roll and fan out slightly to make a slight buffer.

Continue to do this between all the curtain ring spaces.

Gather the curtains up how you normally would to close them and see the difference! They should sit better, making a uniform fan shape without any of the effort of setting them each time.


And that’s it!



  1. February 13, 2018 / 9:32 am

    This is ingenious!!

    • lifewiththebuxtons
      February 13, 2018 / 12:15 pm

      Thanks so much! Glad you liked it x

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