Charlie’s Teether Review!

Charlie hit four months old and began showing the obvious signs of teething. I was hoping he would wait a little while and not teeth so early, as I wasn’t looking forward to feeding a teething refluxing baby who struggled to settle without any teeth troubles.

At 19 weeks his first bottom tooth broke through and a second one the following day!

Luckily we had been sent three teether’s to trial and here’s how we got on.

Little Teethers Elephant

We were sent a lovely little teal Elephant teether in a new baby gift box from Aryan & Gin (they send gift boxes for expectant and new mums, containing beautiful muslin swaddle blankets. You can find more information on my swaddle blanket post!).


The little elephant is very sweet to look at and made of a lovely soft silicone material which is soft on their gums. I also love the colour, as it’s completely gender neutral in a soft teal. Currently we have found the only downside to be, that its quite difficult for Charlie to keep a hold of at present as he is only just learning to co-ordinate his hands and holding things at only 4 ½ months. I’m sure it will be a lot easier for him when he is a little older, as its shape makes it a little slippier unless he is holding onto the trunk, so it has been dropped quite a lot. As we are only on the first round of teeth coming through I’m sure he will get plenty more practice!

Matchstick Monkey Teether

I had seen these funky little monkeys all over Instagram and thought they looked great, so was pleased to receive one in the post for Charlie to trial. I wasn’t disappointed.


Straight away it comes in a simple but stylish packaging that can be kept to keep your teether in when out and about if wanted. The teether itself comes in a variety of colours, we had chosen the blue. It’s a longer shaped design, with handle arms and a large curly tail, which also acts as another handle of sorts. This makes it extremely easy for your little one to keep hold of, even Charlie who is just learning the basics of holding onto things.

The back of the head of the monkey is a little first toothbrush engrained in the silicone, which can also be used as a gel applicator for any teething gels you may use- a fantastic idea!

As soon as I gave it to Charlie he was chomping on it straight away and rarely dropped it. As he lost his grip on one part, it was easy for him to find another part to grip onto. The soft silicone gave him the relief in wanting to chew without causing him any discomfort.

This is one teether I am sure I will be needing to buy more of, as is such a hit with Charlie on first use!


These little stainless steel teethers are a little different to any we have ever seen! They are fully metal and are shaped in animal heads on a metal ring to resemble your keys- which all babies seem to want! I think the idea behind this is brilliant as you can ensure your baby is not sucking on some germ infested dirty keys, but their own adapted version.


Charlie has currently only got two teeth so I’m not sure if his opinion of them will change the older he gets. At four months old he is only just about managing to hold onto them as they are not overly large are a smooth texture, again as he grows this will change with the improvement of his co-ordination. He loves the sound they make and enjoys smashing them up and down on his tray, although at present hasn’t done a lot of chomping on them and seems to prefer the silicone based teethers for this. They are still a fab item to have in the changing bag as are doubling up as a teether and a toy providing some entertainment and stimulation. They came beautifully packaged so would be lovely to send as a gift, and even come with their own drawstring pouch so you can easily keep them clean and find them easier in the bottom of the changing bag! Another huge plus point is they are dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning.



Overall- they are all pretty good but the winner of Charlie’s affections at the moment has to be the Matchstick Monkey Teether. I’m actually a little concerned how many hours of the day he is spending knawing at it, which will be a good test for its longevity!



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