My Upcycled Blanket Box…

I was given this mahogany style blanket box by my parents when I bought my first house, one of those spare bits of furniture they hand down to help tide you over and make your new home look furnished!


It’s been sat in the spare bedroom in our old house and again in this one, being invaluable in the way it can hide a whole load of mess inside! I have been looking for one to replace it over the last few months as it just doesn’t really go with our décor and taste, but on scouring about I really didn’t want to spend around £200 for a new one that I liked. Not when it’s not a main piece of furniture that gets seen very often.

I decided to just upcycle this one, as it’s still a sturdy piece of furniture so definitely worth a go. I decided on using the super easy method of using Rustoleum Chalk paint, as it takes such little prep and is easy to get a good final look at the end.

I began by removing the lid, hinges and metal handles to make painting it easier. I then roughly sanded over the entire box as I find the paintwork is less likely to chip and flake as it seems to get a better contact than on top of the varnish (even though the tin does say this is not a necessity). It’s really important at this point to wipe down all the box and get rid of any dust- I find a good old wet wipe is super handy here!

I then used a paintbrush to apply the first coat onto all the tricky shaped area like the feet and the ledge around the base of the box, before turning to a smooth small roller to cover the rest of the box. This just gave a smoother finish but also was a lot more time savvy and meant I could get a whole coat on in around 20 minutes. I left it a day and applied a second coat just to make sure the coverage was even all over.

I decided to apply a small stencil in a darker Rustoleum paint onto the front of the box to just help finish the look of the box, so it fitted in well with the spare room decoration. The stencil was just a cheap reusable one bought from Ebay– where there are lots of designs to choose from.

As I mainly worked on this once Harry and Grace were asleep to prevent sticky fingers joining in the painting, it took a few days to complete. The following evening I applied two coats of the Rustoleum clear wax to seal the paint, leaving about four hours between for the wax to dry.

I popped the handles and lid back on and voila! Job done! Its not perfect but it had a new lease of life and I’m pleased with the outcome.


I’m on the lookout for another blanket box to do for the children’s playroom so I can have a play with the paints some more…



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