Playroom DIY Mountain Mural…

I’ve had a few requests for a tutorial on how I did the mountain mural in the children’s playroom, so thought I’d pop down some of my handy hints if you’re thinking of giving it a go, and some pictures of how we got on doing ours.

Firstly the best place to start looking for a little inspiration of what you want to achieve is having a good scroll on Pinterest. I have a few boards on there with lots of different scenes that I drew inspiration from to compile my own mural that worked for the room, but also my limited capabilities when it comes to painting! Also when I decided I ‘needed’ to get this project done, I was four months pregnant, still suffering with hyper-emesis and John was working away in Germany so I was solo parenting too. I seem to have this ability to add to the chaos?!

I began by painting one wall a darker colour, mainly as the wall needed painting and I wanted to go a little darker to help hide all the grubby toddler finger prints that Grace loved to make all over the walls, and still does unfortunately, and before long will be joined by Charlies helping hands I’m sure! The worst bit as always is the cutting in, so I always try to get this out of the way first.

Whilst that wall was drying I began masking the next wall with masking tape in the shape and sizes of the mountains that I wanted. Here I would advise using a really good quality masking tape, as the first one I used kept falling off, which isn’t ideal when you want nice neat lines.

I bought two small tins of Dulux paint in different greys, and then bought a selection of tester pots for the smaller parts such as the sun and trees. I had some left over white emulsion from painting the ceilings in other rooms, so used this for the mountain tips and clouds.

The mountains only really took one good coat so didn’t take too long to do and dry. The white emulsion for the mountain peaks and the cloud took three coats to cover the various colours underneath and get a good finish, I originally tried drawing and cutting out cloud shapes from cardboard to get a rough idea of shape and size although really just ended up doing these free hand with the paintbrush and hoped for the best as I found that much easier.

Adding the white peaks and Clouds

Once the walls were dry I peeled the masking tape off and luckily it didn’t need much touching up. I then began masking the trees shapes randomly on the wall, and painted them a selection of three different Green tester pots I picked up. I decided to add a sunshine in the corner peeking out from one of the clouds also, but again just did this free hand, but it turned out OK. Once the trees were dry I added some trunks again with a tester pot of brown paint.

Taping the Tree’s

I ordered some white floating shelves and book ledges from Argos to attach onto the clouds for a little extra storage. Once these were up we were done! It only took a few days and I really love that the children have something a little different in their playroom, a complete one off!


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