Our experience of Little Cook Box meal kits for kids…

Harry has hit age 5 and everything he does, he wants to do as independently as possible, and he is 5 going on 15! So when we were offered to trial a selection of the Little Cook Box range, we jumped at the chance, as it is something I knew Harry would love getting involved in.

A huge box was delivered by courier with full insulation and ice packs to ensure all the ingredients are kept fresh. Nearly all of which was recyclable, and the box even had extra illustrations so the children can cut the shapes out and role play too!

Each cook box is fully compartmentalised so all ingredients are separated in an easy to open packaging. Every box has been worked out to ensure they provide a balanced nutritional meal for 5-11 year olds, using the freshest, quality ingredients. Each kit has full easy to follow instructions, and only take 20-30 minutes to prepare and cook, so your little ones won’t lose interest.

Harry decided first of all he wanted to try the Burgers, and in all honesty I was certainly sceptical that he would eat these. (He has only ever really eaten a McDonalds Burger in the past?!)

I needn’t have worried, Harry loved every moment of prepping and making his own dinner as really does enjoy to get involved and hands on when we cook and bake. The instructions were clear and easy to follow meaning he had his dinner on his plate in no time, which he soon polished off!

We used the other kits over the following evenings and each time he really enjoyed getting a turn at having the responsibility of making his own meals, and enjoyed the variety of the meals sent. The week they were delivered, Harry had a party to go to one of the evenings so we passed a box onto a friend to try with her children. They loved it also, and ate vegetables they never normally do!

I really enjoyed these boxes for many reasons;

  • Getting to spend that extra one on one time with harry whilst helping him cook his dinner was lovely.
  • Harry loved the responsibility of the role of cooking his own dinner for a change
  • I love that I didn’t have to worry about what went into the box as its all fresh, quality ingredients, which is perfectly balanced nutrition wise for Harry.
  • It was super handy being delivered straight to the door with all the ingredients needed.

Overall the boxes were great but not something we could do every day of the week, sometimes as a mom, time just isn’t on your side between school pickups, after school clubs etc. On these manic days it’s easier to pre-prepare the kids meal, or often make the dinner whilst they are doing their homework and reading so we are getting a couple of things done at the same time.

Would I buy these for Harry to do again? Definitely! Personally I think these would make a great weekend treat, and again in the holidays when we have a little more time every day to really enjoy every box, and need these extra activities to fill the days.

If you fancy giving these a try with your little ones: Use code TRYNOW£10OFF for £10 off your first order!


*These items have been kindly gifted to me to review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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