Grace turns 3…

Grace turned 3 at the beginning of the month, so I wanted to document it and share it a little on here. After all it’s another birthday we are so lucky to be celebrating as we are lucky she is here, although I can’t say I’m surprised that she recovered so well two years ago, as each day she shows us how strong she and her character really is!

She had a lovely little party with her friends at the local soft play the weekend before her birthday, which was great as it meant very little organisation by ourselves as the soft play took care of everything!

Then her actual birthday was mid-week. Both harry and Grace are extremely difficult to buy for as they have never and still don’t have any real set interests, such as cars, dinosaurs, Barbie’s etc. They like to have a little play with anything and everything but soon get bored and each thing is short lived. In the end we decided on lots of colouring and painting things as Grace really does do a lot of drawing, and a scooter. She just isn’t yet ready for a bike, so we got her a SmarTrike scooter which has a seat on also, which we can remove as she get more confidence and develops a bit better balance!

We were kindly sent a wonderful panda bear cake topper kit from Kit & Caboodle. They supply party and cake supplies for little ones. Grace has some panda bear pyjamas which she loves so knew the topper would be a hit! We have been given the code: BUXTONSPARTY to share with you, for 10% off any orders from the website, so if you’re organising a party or event, they are definitely worth checking out.

The day after her birthday we took Grace for a treat day out to spread the birthday festivities’ out with nanny. We took her to build a Bear Factory for the first time to make her own teddy bear, she decided on a large fluffy bunny, which she now sleeps with every night. Then on to Pizza hut for lunch, where Grace was a typical toddler and didn’t eat a thing she normally would have, such as the pizza and garlic bread, and instead devoured the salad bar! But she enjoyed herself so that’s all that matters.

Another year which has flown by, and it’s most definitely the old cliché of; they really do grow up so fast. I really want to try make a conscious effort to absorb some more of these special moments before they disappear and we have a teenager on our hands before we know it.

Happy 3rd Birthday little lady xx


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