A lucky Month…


Its seems a little odd to be popping this post up now as December was so long ago, but honestly I don’t know where the time has gone and I’ve only just got around to getting this post sorted- so I do apologise! December turned out to be quite a lucky month for us. I entered a few competitions and won some amazing prizes, which we were really pleased to receive and grateful for. I thought I’d share with you some of the goodies we won!

Firstly I entered an Instagram competition for The Life Tree Company. They create a personalised canvas picture from a beautiful original illustration that hides your child’s name among the illustrations for you to search for and find. We won the mini framed canvas which was absolutely beautiful, so bright and colourful, and we had it personalised with Charlie’s name. The canvas also comes with a verses of wisdom book, which is a fabulous little illustrated book containing mini stories about each character and stories about scenes in the painting, making it really come alive. Alongside this they also have an interactive app, so that the children can really get involved and get so much out of this personalised unique gift.


This was one of those items that I knew would be a nice gift when it arrived, but I was blown away when it did. It’s difficult to capture a picture to really do it justice, as its one of the most beautiful children’s canvases I have ever seen.

A really special gift that I would highly recommend for a special occasion.


We were also contacted by NunaUK to be told they were holding a competition for anyone who had previously tagged them in photos using their products and we were one of the five finalists. They were giving away two of the Sena travel cots to the two pictures who received the most likes. At this point I shared the photo a few times on my feed and in my stories and began messaging a few of my lovely followers to ask if they had a spare minute could they pop over and like the image. The support was wonderful and so many people rallied round to go over and pop a like on our photo, resulting in us coming second!


After Christmas this beauty arrived!! The bee’s knees of travel cots! Again we feel extremely lucky and grateful to receive such a quality item, and owe it to everyone else who helped us to win it.


We were even lucky when it came to the school Christmas fair raffle. We not only won a £25 voucher for Norvex products, we won three tickets for family days out to Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre. We have used one already, and albeit a little muddy, the children had a fabulous time.


Lastly we entered another Instagram giveaway for The Little Bakers Box chocolate brownies baking box, and we won! The children loved making these and we all loved eating them! This is another fab small business which I would highly recommend, they make children’s baking and activity boxes which are perfect for rainy afternoons and filling a few spare hours over the weekend.


I was discussing how lucky we had been with my mom when she really gave me some food for thought. She agreed it was fabulous how lucky we had been this month, but said she believed good and bad luck always come together as a pair as there needs to a balance. I had a few moments of panic in case we were going to be dealt with a new host of bad luck, but then worked out how much of a run of bad luck we had been dealt previously and soon calmed down! She agreed it was about time we had a little good luck come our way. Not only did we have over 12 months of hell with Grace being so poorly, that still pops up to scare us and keep us on our toes every now and then. We had a run of silly bad luck last year, Including going on holiday abroad for 1 day and having to return home, to then travel 3 ½ hours in the UK to a holiday home holiday that wasn’t ready for us and had to drive all the way back on the same night, with a 2 & 4 year old, a 12 week old puppy and I was 30 weeks pregnant!

Thinking back over it all I thought it best not to worry and just embrace the good whilst its being dealt and let the ying and yang of it all sort itself out. We just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful businesses who are working hard to grow and giving away their items and for the amazing items that they sent us, we will make sure they get plenty of use and recommend them where suitable.


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