Lakes and Lambs Boiler Suit…

Grace was a lucky little one to be kindly sent a Lakes and lambs Boiler suit to trial, so I thought I’d let you know how we got on and what we thought!

For a child who is constantly dirty, messing in things she shouldn’t be, the boiler suit was the perfect item for her to try out, and that she did! From sitting in muddy puddles, rolling down grassy hills and playing with farm animals, she not only tested its durability but also if it was indeed waterproof!

The boiler suit arrived and Grace was in love with its bright colours and pretty patterns, the website has a number of choices for both boys and girls, stepping away from the boring standard blue boiler suit, there is an option to please any little ones taste.

The suits have cuffed hands and ankles meaning they have a snug fit which is great for putting on with their wellies, and keeping any mud on the outside, its water resistant which was a godsend that the water just ran off when she was launching herself in muddy puddles and spilling her drink all down herself- her clothes underneath stayed perfectly clean and dry. A full zip up the front also means its easy to get on and off, and easy for little ones to step out of when they have got it dirty!

She loves her little suit and is no trouble getting her into it when we are out and about and I want her to stay clean, which is ideal even when you go to the park on a wet day. I’d highly recommend one if you too have a little mess monster who seems to attract dirt!





*This item have been kindly gifted to me to review, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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