Charlie’s half a year old update!

Most of you will realise that this is a month late! And being completely honest there are a couple of reasons for this; first of all, I have been slack and not got it done in time! Between juggling the crazy mom life with three kids, a little work and everything in between, I’ve been a little slow on getting the blog posts out unfortunately.


Secondly and probably the main the reason is the change in Charlie from 6 to 7 months has been unbelievable. I was told so many times that once he hit the 6 month mark and began eating solids and moving around more his reflux would hopefully settle, and in all honesty, when we reached 6 months I was still feeling like there was no end in sight.

He was still spending most of his day and night screaming in obvious pain that I could do nothing to ease, even though he was on a variety of medication to try and help ease the symptoms.

He didn’t sleep. I was still spending the night pacing around the room with him to try and soothe his screaming, hoping he wouldn’t wake Grace and Harry, and getting only tiny snippets of sleep.

Then literally over a week he began to change. He is now mobile and has his own style of ‘crawling’ which is pretty much in every direction but forwards, he started eating a few solids and not react to them as he had done previously. Then miraculously, he became happier!


The daytime is now mainly filled with a happy little man who is much easier pleased, I can soothe him when he cries, which is also now not an ear splitting scream but a normal baby cry.

The nights are still pretty sketchy so we won’t dwell on that as it’s still early days!


But I can honestly say this last month has been such an amazing turning point for us. So if you have a little one and are still in the reflux hell phase- there honestly is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

We have found it and I’m so excited to see the little man he will grow into, as he is now so much fun to be around and is a real little busy body, never sitting still for a moment. I’m certain he will be causing all sorts of chaos very soon, especially with the help of his older siblings!



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