Is a Robotic Hoover for us??

We were kindly sent a Vorwerk Robotic hoover for a 6 week trial and review period to see what we thought of the hoover and find out if it was something we would recommend to you.

John laughs/ moans dependant on if I’m buying another new one! As it’s a standing joke that I love a good hoover! Our house is crazy busy, with three kids making constant mess, and nutty lab joining in and John works from a garden office so is often traipsing in also, add in the pram coming in and out, the floor gets messy. Again a few of my friends think I’m mental but I hoover every day, it doesn’t take me long to whip around downstairs where needed, and it makes me happy when it’s done- clean house, clean mind and all that!

So when they offered the trial of this hoover I jumped at the chance, as how fab would it be for a hoover robot to do it for me!

When the box arrived it was straight forward and easy to set up, so after a couple of hours charging was ready to go.

Straight away I was shocked at how powerful the suction on such as small hoover was, and was also a little horrified at the amount it managed to pick up out of the carpet which I do regularly with either our handheld Dyson or our henry. The only downside to this is the chamber that collects the mess is quite small so can get filled pretty quickly so you need to be around to empty it otherwise the hoover either stops, or carries on a while but leaves a little Hanzal and Gretel trail of where it’s been!

As we had the hoover for the six weeks we were able to try in every room in a few different circumstances mess wise, and also terrain wise.

I’ll start upstairs in the children’s bedrooms; before the hoover goes in, you will need to pick up all the toys, clothes and general bric a brac they have discarded off the floor. If they love very small toys, such as the accessories in LOL dolls and such be careful as they will disappear if left on the floor.

The children all have shaggy style rugs in their bedrooms also that the hoover struggled with as just wanted to rip out the longer parts, so it was easier to lift these out the way also before setting the hoover in the room. But overall the Vorwerk did a good job of navigating around the beds and cots and gave the rooms a really good hoover.

We had a couple of issues with lower sized furniture, as the Vorwerk would go under and get stuck underneath and so need constant recuing, a sit wanted to keep going back under to finish cleaning. We ended up rolling a towel under these cupboards so the hoover couldn’t get underneath at all.

Again we are very lucky that our house isn’t overly small, so the hoover struggled to complete either upstairs or downstairs on one charge, so would need to be charged half way through.

In the playroom it was a godsend. I could just pop it in there every day to give it a quick hoover which was very thorough and it would always look great. The playroom is a laminate wood floor and it worked just as well in there as it did on carpet.

We had a little issue when Harry knocked a blanket I was making onto the floor and the hoover sucked up the wool and unravelled half of what I had crocheted, but that one was human error!


The hoover was also fab in the kitchen as that is the most hoovered room in our house so it really helped me out in there, the only downside was that I needed to lift the barstools off the floor as the hoover got stuck on their sloped bases.



  • The hoover enabled me to feel like I was in two places at once accomplishing two tasks at the same time which was fabulous.
  • The suction was extremely strong and so it got up a lot more mess than other hoovers we have which was great.
  • It’s a great small compact size so isn’t too opposing wherever you park it. Although needs to be placed somewhere it can park itself which may be an issue if you are lacking spare space.
  • I have very long hair and unfortunately the brush struggled with this, especially in our bedroom where I style my hair so obviously a lot more of it to hoover up. The brush would get tangled and need taking out to detangle.
  • I like the fact that it has a small hole to suck the mess out of the collection chamber if you didn’t want to get your hands dusty, although the only downside for me to this, is it defeated the object of not using my big bulky hoover, if I had to get it out of the cupboard to do this.
  • It was very clever how it could redock itself when low on charge and recharge its own batteries, it would then restart and pick up where it had left and finish cleaning.
  • I think our house may be overly cluttered with furniture and ‘stuff’, not helped out the fact the children like to get lots of things out and leave them lying around! The hoover struggled a little with this, so I would probably recommend the hoover to someone more minimalist, and definitely people without children or even older children!
  • The only other negative for me would be the price, it’s quite a bit more expensive than your usual hoover, but then again this isn’t a ‘normal’ hoover as works itself and has a robotic brain, so that needs to be taken into consideration.


I don’t think we will be rushing out to purchase one at this moment in our lives, but it’s definitely something to consider in the future when the children are older. Thank you to Vorwork for giving us the opportunity to test run it! I will add links to product information if you fancy taking a look for yourselves

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