Our favourite activity kits for keeping the Kids entertained indoors…

Any parent knows that the way to an easier life with the children is to keep them entertained, especially if you have some jobs of your own you need to complete at the same time- just like the never ending mountain of washing and ironing!

As much as possible I try to get the children outdoors, which really helps to wear off some of their energy but with our great British weather its not always possible so I like to have a few ideas up my sleeve to help keep them entertained.

We have been extremely lucky to be sent the following range of boxes, and craft kits to trial and share with you all our thoughts (which are all my own and are honest as we find the product). So here is how we got on…

Busy Box

The busy box is a new small business that has recently been set up by a lovely mum. Their boxes are ‘designed to ignite imagination and keep little fingers and minds busy’. Each box is put together to combine a theme, hobby or interest so the box can be perfectly aimed towards your child’s favourite things and characters. I chose a dinosaur themed box for Harry as he has a love of all things dinosaurs, so was interested to see what would arrive.

A large box arrived with separate compartments with everything needed to make a range of dinosaur landscapes, including dinosaur figures for playing with. This included glass stones, handmade playdoh, wood slices, trees and more.

Harry had a field day and loved every minute of setting it all up and playing with it all, it kept him occupied for well over an hour, allowing me to do a load of ironing! The best part of this box is when they have finished playing, it gets all wrapped up and put back in the box ready for playing with on another day- so endless hours of fun which makes it really reasonable priced as the box has longevity. Definitely one I would recommend, as you can select so many different themes and interests.



The Weekend Box

The weekend box arrived and straight away the children were excited by its bright colourful packaging. The weekend box has the fab idea of having 4 different activities all packaged up separately in colour coded bags depending on the activity they are doing. Each colour represents a different character and the fun things that they enjoying, be that, gardening, baking, or making crafts.

I started this box with Harry when Grace was spending the day with her nanny and he loved the activities, especially the parrot mask making. Its a great fun box if you are looking for a box to do with your children, or you have slightly older children. As for me with Harry only being 5, the activities required a lot of adult assistance and supervision, so its definitely a box to complete together.



Mila And Pheebs

We are huge fans of these activity and stationary boxes, as since harry has started school, he loves a good bit of stationary!! Each box has a theme which changes each month so your child never gets the same, although repeat boxes can be ordered of each if wanting to send for gifts etc.

Each box contains a range of craft activities for the children to do, such as sewing, card making, painting, drawing, colouring in and a selection of puzzles. A pencil, crayons, rubber is included as well as whatever is needed for each boxes craft activities.

Boxes can be bought as a one off or as a subscription for better value. We were also kindly given the code; Buxton which gets you 50% of your first order!




Toucan Box

The Toucan box is one of the lower priced activity boxes out there, and they often have special offers on to get free boxes which is great. The box we received was a jellyfish making box which harry really enjoyed and could mainly complete on his own with only a little assistance from me which was great, a she is at that age he loves that little bit of independence and the achievement of completing something on his own.

The only downside to this box is that it is only really one main task and activity to complete, so can be completed in around an hour, although at a bargain price with all quality materials included its most definitely reasonable.



We have also received some fabulous Nature inspired and Nature themed activity boxes which I will be sharing on another blog post as they involve outdoor activities and I wanted to keep this one to ones we did inside.

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