Our Play date with Baby Born Dolly ..


Grace is a big fan of playing Mummy to her ever growing collection of babies, dolly’s and Teddies, so when we were offered the opportunity to trial and review the Interactive Baby Born, I knew it was something she would LOVE to help me with!

We were sent the Baby Born interactive Doll who Grace named ‘Georgia’, along with some extra food sachets and a summer time outfit change for her. Included with the doll, was a potty, bottle, plate and spoon, and a sachet of food to use with her interactive features, of eating and using the potty!

Thursday’s are currently nursery free days for Grace so it was the perfect opportunity to get out in the garden and treat her with her new dolly and spend a little one on one time together playing whilst Charlie napped. This is something I’m currently trying to change this a little as don’t feel I get enough of this special time with Grace so we have had a little juggle around with nursery and Charlie will be starting to spend a little time there really soon so I can have a little more Grace time!


So we set up camp in the garden and Grace told me I was Nanny Pig, and she was Mummy pig to baby Georgia! I love that she is now at that very cute age where she is beginning to direct the play and let her imagination take over, although to be fair she was pretty bossy with poor Nanny pig!

Grace wanted to bottle feed the Baby born doll, which then led to letting her use the potty which Grace found amazing- by pressing the dolls belly button she can have a wee on the potty! This concept of play is actually perfect timing for us, as this is currently an issue we need to crack with Grace and begin potty training her, before she starts pre school in September, so I’m hoping that being responsible for Baby born Georgia going to the potty may in effect help her also.

As the Baby Born doll came with a dress, Grace wanted to get her changed so they were matching in both wearing dresses and pop a nappy on her too- ‘just in case she has an accident!’.


We had a lovely couple of hours playing in the garden together, where Grace has Baby Georgia stuck to her the entire time. This included, reading her stories, taking her on the slide, feeding her both bottle and food, numerous potty trips, and a serious amount of cuddling!

The doll has been her new companion ever since and is being dragged all over the place with her, including sleeping in her bed, visits to nannies house, and been taken for walks in her dolls pushchair. Thankfully the Baby Born Doll is also waterproof, as she has had a dip in the paddling pool too! This making her the ideal toy to be dragged outside and everywhere as is super easy for me to wipe clean!

If you are on the look out for that next step Doll that your little one can do a little more with, this has to be a strong contender, as I can see Grace wanting to play with this little one for a long time.



*Disclosure: We were sent this Baby Born Doll for the purpose of this review. All views are my own and Graces. Thank you @carouselpr


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