Helping the environment one Nappy & Wipe at a time

I’m sure all you moms who like me rely on the ease of baby wipes have seen the news lately about banning baby wipes as they are adding huge amounts to landfill.

This for me would be seriously bad!! We get through copious amounts of baby wipes in our house, not only for the wiping of numerous bums but for literally EVERYTHING!! Cleaning up after meals both the surfaces and grubby hands and faces, giving my clothes a quick spot clean after the children have left snail trail snot wipes over me, infact I use them for cleaning pretty much anything and everything! Added to this a quite sicky baby and we get through a tonne more.

Obviously we hate to think how much of a contribution our family alone are making to this dilemma, so were thrilled to see new options popping up and available to help us make our little difference.

Firstly we tried AquaWipes. These are fantastic! Not only are they fully biodegradable so are easing the burden on environment, they are made up of 99% purified water, meaning they are super gentle and soft so perfect for new-born baby skin. As Charlie has grown he has developed quite sensitive skin and eczema, so the need for very gentle wipes is a necessity for us so they do not sting him when using them, not only when changing his bum, but wiping his face and hands.


They also come in a range of pack sizes which was handy when we nipping out on walks and just taking the carrier and a small bag, there was no need to take a large pack of heavy wipes but one of the handy smaller compact packs to lighten the load!

Secondly we were kindly sent a pack of wipes and nappies from Kit and Kin, both of which are biodegradable. Again these have been dermatologically approved and are fragrance free so should be gentle and soft on little ones delicate skin.


The main item from Kit and Kin that I was looking forward to trialling were the biodegradable nappies. There is a real short on the market of brands that provide these, as the main market leader is not biodegradable at all, and as I still have two children in nappies I get through a fair amount which unfortunately add to the landfill problem. With Kit and Kin offering an alternative to this, by producing nappies that are ‘earth friendly’ we can limit the amount of non disposable waste we are producing.


Overall the nappies fit well, they had a good absorbency and we are yet to have a leak or poonami, so no complaints there! Yes they are slightly higher priced compared with buying nappies on special offer in the supermarket, which I know not everyone may be able to afford that slight difference, but if you can, even just irregularly you will be making a difference to the environment and also supporting a smaller business.


I can highly recommend both the Aquawipes and the Kit and Kin wipes, they work just as well the non biodegradable wipes, are soft of little ones skin and my little ones didn’t notice any difference from the swap other than Harry saying they were softer!




*Disclosure: We were sent both the Aquawipes and Kit and Kin products for the purpose of this review. All views are my own and Graces. Thank you Kit and Kin and AzariaPR

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  1. July 24, 2018 / 7:08 am

    We’ve just switched over to Aquawipes from Water Wipes, and I’m so pleased to be able to use a biodegradable alternative. They get the thumbs up from me, too!

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