Fuzzikins campervan…

Interplay UK sent over a Fuzzikins Campervan set for Grace to have a play with and let you now what she thought.

Grace is a huge fan of anything to do with drawing and colouring at the minute so I thought she would like this, as it gave her the chance to draw over things she is normally told not to do!


The Fuzzikins Campervan set comes complete with two white kittens that the children can draw and colour in, which is washable so they can change the patterns and designs on them as they wish. The campervan also included a little fold down bed with blanket and a removable surf board that doubled up as the handle, and three pages of colour your own stickers.


I like the idea that its easily transportable as I often get left lugging around all manner of toys that they are ‘definitely going to play with’ when we go out and about. The campervan is lightweight, has a carry handle and can house a few extra toys if they wish. I love the idea of the imaginative play it encourages in both the home set up of camping, the kitten play and the surfing, it gave Grace plenty of inspiration in play to send the kitties on all sorts of adventures, and even coming to visit and stay with the dolls in her doll house.


Overall its a sweet little gift for little ones that’s super handy in the fact it can be taken out and about with you, I’m sure will get plenty of play by both Harry, Grace and even Charlie when he can sneak it away!

I’m sure Grace will be asking for some of the other ranges and accessories for Christmas!



*Disclosure: We were sent this Fuzzikins Campervan for the purpose of this review. All views are my own and Graces. Thank you @Wire_pr

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