Our Go Ape Adventure…

The wonderful team at GoApe invited us to come and spend the afternoon at Delamere Forest and try out their junior course with Harry. It was a perfect opportunity to give Harry a little one on one time with both me and John, without his younger siblings needing any attention, it was a really great afternoon to just make it all about him.

We arrived at Delamere Forest with a little time to spare so had a little wander around and was surprised at all the things they had going on there as we had actually not ventured there before, even though it’s less than 40 minutes from us, so I’m sure we will be back soon.

We made our way over to the GoApe section in the forest and arrived at the welcome desk in no time, to fill out the forms and get our wristband. The staff were super jovial and very helpful which is always a bonus as nothing beats the whole ‘service with a smile’, it’s makes whatever you are doing so much more enjoyable when the staff are enjoying themselves too.

After getting our wristband we made our way down the track to the junior course and began having our safety briefing and our harnesses fitted by a member of staff. We had a full hour on the course and could go round as many times as we liked within the time.

The course starts with a smaller track that has a rope around the edge to hold onto for extra balance and security, for the children (and adults!) to build up their confidence before tackling the bigger track. At the end of the smaller track you complete it by having a go on the zip wire which is a big highlight!


We then moved onto the bigger course and I was genuinely so impressed at how brave Harry was and how good his balance was! On this course there is no handrail it’s mainly all balance and skill- so it’s safe to say I was pretty useless!! I was trying to look completely fine and act all brave for Harry but it definitely is higher up than you think when looking on the ground!


The bigger course takes a lot longer to get around and consists of lots of different crossings and again is completed with the large zip wire. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon but was glad to get my feet back on the floor, whilst Harry and John zipped round another two times within the hour. It was really lovely watching Harry’s confidence grow as he tackled and completed each obstacle and then by the end of it be zooming around at speed!

On walking back to the car Harry exclaimed that this had been his absolute favourite of days during his school holidays- what more could a parent ask for!? So on that note I can highly recommend the GoApe experience, Harry is very nearly 6 and we thought this activity was perfectly suited to him and his age.

I think me and John are going to venture back and do the big course for an adults day out! If I can pull on my big girl pants and be brave enough that is!!

** We visited GoApe as part of an unpaid partnership and were not asked to write this blog post, only to share that we had visited over on Instagram, in return for free entry. We enjoyed the activity so much we wanted share in a little more detail in case any other parents were looking for recommendations




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