Building Toys with Plus Plus…

The children were super lucky and sent a range of Plus Plus sets to have a play with and share how we got on!

If you have little ones and haven’t yet seen Plus Plus sets you are missing out! We bought Harry a couple of tubes as stocking fillers last Christmas which he has spent many hours playing with and still does, so they were definately a great gift idea, so much so I was already planning on getting some more for his stocking this year too!


We were sent a selection of the range of the Plus Plus products, including the fabulous Dinosaur Tubes which are perfect for a dinosaur mad Harry which are only £5.50 each. These are a smaller shape so not recommended for under 3 years. They are great gift ideas as not only are they reasonably priced they are a handy size, coming in a handy tube case, they can be taken out and about to entertain the children wherever needed.

Grace was sent a princess and Castle Mini Pastel set to make some royal figurines. This is a lovely little set for £13 but we are going to save until next year as again is the smaller shape, ideally for ages 5-12.


All of the children have been using the Plus Plus Midi basic that was sent as this set is aimed for ages 1-6. The building pieces are a much larger size so they are easily to use, build with and create something from their imaginations! As they are larger sized the children’s creations are quicker to build and make a larger sized final model which is fun and engaging for them. Out of the selection we were sent this set is definitely my favourite. It is the largest set of all, containing 100 pieces (rrp £20) I really like that all three children can play with this set both alone and together, and any communal use toys that they all get enjoyment out of is always a bonus.

The Plus Plus toys are used in our house when we want the children to use a little less screen time and engage in a bit more actual ‘play’, I love that these shapes can create so many possibilites from their imagination, they encourage problem solving, imaginative play and using the fine motor skills, whilst most importantly they are keeping the children entertained- What’s not to love??

We were kindly gifted these products, but are genuinely huge fans of this range anyway, with Harry already having a few of these sets. The main aim of this product is develop the imagination and creativity of children by using the innovative construction system that is made up of a simple shape! These make ideal Christmas presents if you are looking for inspiration of what to put on the children’s lists!

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