Our Miffy Book review…

Growing up I loved Miffy and the Miffy book adventures, so when we were offered to be kindly sent some of their new book range to review- I jumped at the chance!

I really love how so many of the classic characters from my own childhood are actually making a comeback and featuring in my childrens everyday reading, so they can get lost in the same adventures I used to as a child. It just goes to show that great characters stand the test of time and just keep on going featuring through the future generations!

We were sent a set of three books, the first was a board book which is perfect for Charlie to play with as it has peep-po cut outs so he can really get involved in the story. Harry’s reading has come on so much in the last year also, that he has been sitting and reading the stories to charlie and Grace, which is really sweet to see.

The second book was a Miffy story which I really enjoyed reading the children at bedtime, Grace then decided to read it (from memory) with a fair amount of ad libbing as she can’t yet actually read to Charlie. I actually think this was more of a bedtime procrastination technique too as she isn’t a fan of going to bed! We already have a collection of Miffy books on Graces book case so she has comandered this one to live on there also!

Then lastly we were sent the miffy activity book, which comes with a wipe clean black pen and each page has activities such as drawing shapes, lines, zig zags, and a blank space to draw a picture. Grace is just learning how to hold her pen and begin drawing and tracing shapes and letters so this is perfect for her to practice with as she can do so again and again with it being wipe clean. I think this book would also be a great travel companion to help occupy the children when we are out and about, waiting for meals to arrive in restaurants is somewhere this will be a big hit in the future!

Overall we genuinely love the books and they will be great additions to the children’s bookcases, I think investing in classic books and characters means they always have longevity, and who knows, these may be the books the children keep to pass onto their children in years to come. We were sent these books complementary to share with you what we thought but all views and opinions are our own.





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