Up cycled Wardrobe Tutorial..

I thought i’d share with you some of the pictures and details of my wardrobe transformation for Charlie’s nursery.

First off the hardest part of the whole process was definitely finding the right wardrobe to upcycle, as Charlie has the smallest bedroom I wanted to save space as much as possible by combining the wardrobe and chest of drawers into one. So after weeks of scouring Ebay I managed to find a gentleman’s wardrobe that was a little tired not too far away for £20 to give a little spruce up!


It was made from solid pine so had the quality that makes them hard wearing and long lasting so I could see the potential behind it’s not so attractive cosmetic appearance. I started by removing the pine drawer knobs and getting to work with the electric sander giving it an rough sand all over, to not only remove any top layers of paint but make a bit of a rough surface to paint over as always find the paint adheres better. I also tried originally to keep the top as stripped back pine but on sanding it didn’t turn out how I planned and didn’t get a nice finish at all, I was also beginning to sand away the trim details in trying to get deep enough to get a nice finish on the wood, so soon abandoned that idea and decided that I was going to paint the top too!

Once it was all rough sanded I wiped it all over with some baby wipes- I find a baby wipe fixes EVERYTHING! They remove any grease, residue and dust left that you think you have wiped off already!

I then set to task and decided to paint the inside bright Mustard Yellow to match some of the little mustard features that are in Charlie’s bedroom, as we have gone for a mainly grey colour scheme with hints of mustard yellow and Navy blue, so the plan with the wardrobe was to help pull this all together.

Once the inside was dry I began painting the main wardrobe- i used a smooth small foam roller mainly to help prevent any brush strokes and get a smooth matt finish, I needed to use a small 1 inch brush to get into all the little bits around the drawer openings also. The Drawers were painted in the same way.

I didn’t want to use the pine knobs that came with the wardrobe and opted for some brass coloured Bee Knobs which I think really make a statement in themselves and really make the wardrobe stand out that bit more!

It took quite a while for the blue paint to completely dry and go off so that the drawers and door didn’t stick, but once it had and we put it all back together, the wardrobe instantly looked amazing!

I was chuffed with the end result and it looks great in Charlie’s bedroom. It not only pulls all the colours in perfectly, it has saved us so much space by being able to remove the need for a chest of drawers as they are combined in the wardrobe.



I really enjoy upcycling and modifying furniture to suit you and your home, as it leaves you with a complete one off that none else has. Something unique that sets the room apart and is completely adapt to your taste and room scheme.


If you have had a go at upcycling, let me know and share a picture below! I’d love to see and it’s great to get inspiration from other people’s creative ideas!

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