B-Sensible Childrens Bedding…

Due to Grace’s asthma she suffers with quite a few allergies and all three children have very sensitive skin. We were given the opportunity to be gifted some new bedding for them from B-Sensible, which are meant to have so many amazing qualities that we had to try! These include:

  • They protect the mattress and Pillow with an unnoticeable waterproof layer
  • Amazing stretch that adapts to any mattress
  • Permanently Dust mite proof
  • 100% Natural fibres so chemical free
  • Giving it a cosmetic effect that repairs skin cells
  • Permanent antibacterial protection that remains after washing

We chose the fuschia pink and teal blue for Harry and Grace, they are super bright! I didn’t expect the colour to be so vivid so just bear that in mind when ordering! Charlie had a cotbed sheet in a lovely muted grey colour.

The one thing I dislike about normal waterproof bedding protectors is that the plastic lining in them makes them noisy, crinkly and worst of all they make the children sweat terrible. Although they are essential with my three at the moment as all are under six, i am sure you can imagine the amount of spilled drinks, bedwetting, sick etc we face far too often.


When I opened up the B-sensible bedding, I was genuinely surprised at how discreet the waterproof layer is. It’s also great as it is a two in one sheet, being both waterproof and the soft cotton feel top of a normal fitted sheet. The waterproof layer is super smooth and feels silky, stopping it from making any noise which is a huge plus for me. The children are still a little sweaty when I go in to check on them during the night, but I am starting to wonder if i just have sweaty sleeping kids??

The sheets have been washed a number of times now and have kept the colour, the waterproof layer is still completely intact, they are quick to dry and the children seem to like them. Overall a hit in our house. They are not ‘cheap’ to buy but I suppose its buying one sheet instead of two as its combined, and these sheets have all the added benefits for the skin. They are overall more of an investment but can highly recommended especially if your little ones have any skin allergies or eczema.


  • we were gifted these items but all views and opinions are our own.

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