Zuru play time…

The lovely folk over at Zuru sent Grace and Harry a bag full of goodies to have a play with. We have been a little slow in sharing these treats with you as they got them only a few days before we went away on holiday so hadn’t had much chance to play with them, so we have had nearly two weeks of play since coming come also to let you know what we really thought about them!


The bag contained a few of there just launched items and a couple of there top sellers. The children straight away dove in and wanted to open the five surprise as they have had these before and love opening each of the little compartments and getting a little gift inside each. As a parent I love that it takes them a crazy amount of time to actually get into it and open all the separate five compartments that the toy seems to last even longer! The five surprise contains mini gifts such as a figurine, modeling clay, stickers, animal shaped elastic bands etc.

The bag also contained two of their new wild designs Tangles, these are a continuous loop that turns, twists and moves to make lots of shapes. It reminds me of the fidget spinner craze in that its something for the children to mess with- and they do so when they don’t even realise they are doing so- whilst also doing other things. Harry loves to discover new shapes and loops he can make with it, he also found that he could join both his and Graces and make a much larger loop, enabling him to make even more shapes and twists. I think this is a fab little stocking filler for any child, and Harry has asked for a couple more for his stocking so that he can make a giant loop!

The bag also had a robot spider, that moves mechanically just like a real spider, which Grace couldn’t believe was not real and spent a large amount of time running around screaming, running away from it whilst Harry chased her with it! She also became uncharacteristically squeamish with the Smashers eyeballs, which Harry again thought was fab and even better when he could chase Grace with them and throw them at her!! The smashers each have little creatures inside to collect and play with.


The Zuru bag had a lovely little mix of great stocking fillers that are ideal for both boys and girls, who will have lots of fun playing with them at Christmas! Thanks so much for sending them to us @PlaytimePR and Zuru!

If you are thinking of getting any of these you can pick them up in a number of places, including:



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