Life with the Buxton’s Children’s Gift Guide 2018

Whether you need a little inspiration of what to get your little ones, or you are an Aunty/ uncle or God parent and don’t know where to start. Here I am hoping to share some little gems for gifts which most children would be happy to find under the Christmas tree.

Some are brand names whilst others are from some amazing small brands, all of which I will add the link to take you straight to either buy or find out more information on.

So first up we have a crafty gift with this Play Stuff scrummy shop Play dough set. This creative gift is perfect for ages 3 to 6, it is super handy in that it comes with everything you can possibly need and has a handy carry case, meaning you can not only take it anywhere with you to keep the kids occupied out and about, but the packaging is also all part of the play set. The outer packaging is wipe clean and has the printing and set up of a shop on one side and the bakery section on the other, therefore making it perfect for two children to role play shop keepers and bakers if they so wished! I love that this is all in one and has everything included the play dough, cutters and shapes, and at only £8.50 I think it’s a really reasonable price for a toy that has plenty of longevity.

Scrummy Shop


Eat Sleep Doodle are an amazing small business which had so many creative items I wasn’t sure which to choose! I went with the doodle tablecloth as this would be great for the entire family, and any guests, big and small when you have them over at meal times over the Christmas period. This doodle tablecloth has a grid print so will be perfect for any doodles, drawings, notes, lists or even games. It can be used with wash out fabric pens which are included and then used time again, again meaning it’s an item that will really last. Its £39.95 for the large size (250cm x 150cm) that comes with a selection of pens and is 100% cotton.  It also comes beautifully wrapped in this map paper that the children have enjoyed colouring in!

Eat Sleep Doodle


Soggy Doggy Friends

This little cutie will definitely be a huge hit with any little ones who loved the original Soggy Doggy Game. This little pal walks, barks, and makes cute noises when you stroke and cuddle him, and even comes with his own lead so your little ones can take them for a walk and feel they have got their very own pet. This is great for role play and also makes them feel they have a little responsibility looking after their little pet called Dizzy, there is also a pink doggy called Daisy for those pink lovers! They have a little adoption certificate to fill in too. Again a cute toy that won’t break the bank at £14.99 so a perfect treat for under the tree, I think Grace is going to love this one so am really looking forward to her opening Dizzy on Christmas morning.


Bento Lunch Box

I know Christmas is all about getting the children plenty of gifts but we also try to give the children useful presents that they need and will use throughout the year.  It’s no secret my children can be fussy eaters so i find it important to fill their lunch boxes with things that they will enjoy and eat (and are obviously as nutritious as possible!) These Little Nation Bento Lunch Boxes we have found to be a god send. Grace’s is often filled with dips such as hummus and we have NEVER had a spillage or leak into another compartment. They keep everything separate and fresh, meaning the children have no excuses when it comes to getting their lunch eaten! So if you are looking for a practical useful gift, I would highly recommend one of these, they have different designs in stock and are £19.95.


Little Brian Paint Sticks

Anything that can make a moms life so much easier when it comes to minimising mess and cleaning up after children is always going to be a hit! The bigger bonus is that all children will love playing and painting with these Little Brian Paint sticks (which even come in chalk sticks too!). They really are a super easy convenient way for the children to paint without all the hassle, making them even ideal for taking out and about as the mess really is minimal! They are used much like a glue stick as you twist it for more paint, and can draw/paint as you would with a crayon, the paint dries in 60 seconds and when the fun is over the cap can be replaced and there is no need for washing pots and paint brushes. They come is a variety of sizes and finishes and retail from only £6.99 making them great stocking fillers.


Peppa Pig Laugh and Learn– I know this one may be a little age specific but for those with infant school aged children and younger this is a fab little gift. This little laptop styled toy helps your little ones not only learn and speak the alphabet but also teaches phonics, sounds and words that begin with each letter, which intern will help with understanding and learning. For us we love to try buy toys which are fun for the children to play with but are also fun to learn with and when possible educational in some way, so this Peppa Pig Laugh and Learn definitely ticks the right boxes for our youngest two. Current RRp is £17.99


Vicky Riley Illustration paints and draws the most beautiful children’s pictures to decorate bedrooms and playrooms with, so a framed print may be a perfect gift idea. I have a few of her beautiful designs and the children love them, she can work with you on bespoke colour schemes and designs if wanted, or her prints and cards can be bought from her Instagram, Etsy or not on the high street store, some have even been made into soft toys! She can also work to all budgets, stocking some bargain stocking fillers to something a little more special and bespoke.


Bake with Lili and Dex Baking sets are always a huge hit whoever we sent them to, so I felt I had to add them here as they really do make great gifts. We have bought sets repeatedly for the children and even had them make our party bags which were make your own chocolate chip cookie cones! They can personalise every gift and have a huge range of different baking sets and equipment so will suit any budget from stocking fillers up to larger gift sets which would be perfect as a family gift. They even do Christmas Eve baking sets to get ready for leaving Santa out some sweet treats, which we loved doing last year. Prices generally are around £5.50-£6 per baking set, so again a great stocking filler. Here are some of their Dinosaur kits we had a go at in the summer.


Bath sets and smellies are not only just lovely, they are super useful and a gift that will get used. Little Aurelia produce the most luxurious bath sets for little ones that are also super kind for their skin. Every part of this product and brand goes the extra mile- the packaging is AMAZING, there are even illustrations on the inside of the themed boxes, that are decorated in the most wonderful Sleep Time Tales illustrations that would give Beatrix Potter a run for their money. The bottles that the products are in have the same amount of care, making them stylish in any setting- as we all know how unsightly bath and body products can look on show- not these beauties! The products are made to help enhance sleep and a restful night. I would always be grateful of these gift sets so wanted to add them as I am sure so many of you would love them also!


Love Inc do a huge amount of amazing products so if these Placemats are not what you are looking for there will definitely be something to inspire you on their website. As both Grace and Harry are now at Infant School I thought these placemats were a great stocking filler, as they are not only useful to keep the messy eaters area clean they are also educational. These award winning placemats help to learn letters, numbers, multiplication and a range of others, they are all wipe clean when used with felt tips so can be used time and again. They are a large size and at only £4.99 a fab stocking filler.



The Girls List Book written and designed by Charlotte from White Space, is a fabulous little book that any aged girl would love. Charlotte has designed this journal so that all your favourite things and thoughts can be noted down in one place, including your dreams and goals you wish to achieve. Its printed as thick A5 notebook in full colour on every page, with beautiful illustrations throughout. Costing only £10 I think it’s a bargain stocking filler for any little lady. My only question with this is one is- when is the boys version coming out? As I think this something Harry would also love.

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