Our Magical Trip on the Polar Express…

What’s Christmas without a little Magic?? We took the children on to The Polar Express steam train in the run up to Christmas to get a touch Christmas magic and make sure that we all ‘believed’.

Before we even arrived the magic had begun- everyone had their very own golden ticket to get them access onto the train. The station had been done up in a little winter wonderland theme, selling hot drinks, mulled wine and donuts, with a range of flashing light toys that obviously we got suckered into buying, but the children did love them. There was also a little cafe and a room with Christmas music you could sit in, but we didn’t actually go into either as it was so mild outside that we enjoyed standing in the fresh air, eating donuts whilst the kids ran around with their flashing toys. It was perfect to let them dance around a little energy in eagerness of waiting for the train so that sat nicely for the experience.


We were then all called down to stand on the platform, where the beautiful old steam train pulled into, whilst the music was playing and the kids were leaping for joy that the polar express had come for them. I actually welled up a little as it was such a beautiful moment, and seeing the magic and awe on the children’s face was wonderful.

We found our seats around a table and the train set off, at this point the conductor (who looked scarily like his Tom hanks character) walked into the carriage and called ‘Does anyone want Hot Chocolate?’ causing a cascade of singing waiters delivering hot chocolate and a cookie for us all whilst singing and dancing up and down the carriage, the songs from The Polar Express film.

The Conductor then sat down and started to read the Polar Express story, whilst the waiters also walked around the books so that all the children could see the pictures in the story. We passed through tunnels which were decorated with coloured lights which they pointed out as the northern lights whilst the children looked on in wonder.

We reached a point and the children began to spot Father Christmas out the window meaning we had arrived in the north pole where they waved at him and his reindeer and the train stopped for a few moments before starting off again in the direction of home. As the train set off Father Christmas walked into the carriage and gave every child a little bell, he took the time to ask each child what they would like for Christmas which was really lovely. The children then joined in singing Jingle Bells with the waiters and conductor as we made our way back and jiggled their bells all the way!


When we arrived back to the station, to get from the platform to the way out you had to walk through a themed gift shop, and normally I am not a fan of this, but to be fair it was full of lovely gifts and they were actually reasonably priced. We bought a gift boxed bell to give to nanny for Christmas, a Polar Express Conductor hat and two wooden toys for Charlie for stocking fillers that were only £2!


This was the first year of three we have managed to get tickets as always sells out within hours, so if you were thinking of going I would sign up to the newsletters so they keep you up to date when tickets go on sale. It’s a Christmas event that I would highly recommend for any children who still ‘believes’, It was a magical evening that made some lovely memories to treasure.  We visited the Telford Steam Railway but know there are a number of them running throughout the country, this link may help you find your nearest:



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