Charlie’s Christening Party!

This blog post has been sat in my draft folder for so long and I have no idea why I just haven’t published it, so here it is- all the way back from last summer!!

Due to a very large family and the small town we live in, there were not many venues that could house everyone we wanted to invite to Charlie’s Christening, so we decided to have a party at home the following week to celebrate with everyone!

We invited all of our family and friends to come to our house and celebrate! We hired a huge bouncy castle which was a huge hit with all the children, and even some of the adults!

The weather was completely on our side, as it was warm, dry and slightly overcast, making it perfect for playing out in all day as was comfortable for everyone. We put on a spread of food, mainly cold finger buffet food, as we decided against a BBQ as too much time would be spent cooking the food instead of enjoying the guests company, and with a lot of children running loose, buffet food was a lot safer!

We were lucky in the fact we got to reuse so many of the wonderful decorations we had used the week previously at the Christening venue, so they got a second lease of life which was great!

The fab print below was from Daydreams and Designs. The felt banner above was handmade by the wonderful Cratfy Keek.

Kilner very kindly sent us one of there amazing huge mason Jar Drinks Dispensers, so we put it to good use and created a pimms station in the drinks corner!

The dispenser was super handy as made it easy for the adults to keep coming back and helping themselves to top up their drinks, and because it was so large it didn’t need regularly topping up! We are going to use this again for Harry’s party- but obviously substitute the Pimms for squash!!

We ended up with just over 40 adults and just over 20 children over so was a fun filled, busy day!! We got to catch up with both friends and family we hadn’t seen in a while as life just gets in the way, that’s the main reason we wanted to do this party as I think a set event in the calendar makes everyone puts things aside for the day, and once you have wrote the day off for an event you all have lots of fun!

The wonderful Butterfly Designs helped us out with very kindly sending us a large cake topper and mini cupcake toppers to match which made the cakes look fabulous! I even managed to save these so will using again for his 1st birthday which will be here before we know it!

The children played all day and stayed up extra late as the party started at 3pm and the last guests left at 11:30pm, we had to make Harry go to bed at this time as he didnt want the day to end, whereas Grace had climbed onto our neighbours lap for a cuddle and instantly crashed out at 10pm! In typical party fashion- I didn’t get round to actually taking any pictures when the party was in full swing, which is always the sign of a good party!

Sunday was spent doing the dreaded after party clean up, which thankfully wasn’t too bad as the majority of food was eaten and we used paper plates as much as possible! We had such a lovely time and said if possible if would be nice to try do this once a year to get everyone together.

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