Budget Kitchen Renovation

When we moved into our home four years ago one of the things we said we would love to do, was to redo the Kitchen, but after getting a couple of quotes we were shocked at just how expensive replacing the whole kitchen would be.

We are lucky enough to have solid wood cupboards that although they are 15 years old they were really well made, and have a granite work top throughout. The price for the replacement granite alone stopped us in our tracks and changed our mind about ripping out the old kitchen and replacing it.

So i looked into a few other options and so we decided to have a little revamp of what we already had.


The first job was ripping out all the old tiles and getting them replaced with a brighter white metro tile to lighten up the space and modernise the area. I can’t lie, the mess from doing this was immense. The amount of dust and rubble that got all over the house was being found for over two weeks, and the taking off of the tiles didn’t go smoothly in that lots of the plaster and plaster board came off with them also, causing large holes exposing bare walls.


This added to the work the tiler had to do, adding an extra day of fixing and patching up the walls so that he could begin tiling on a smooth and straight surface the following day.


We decided on the bevelled edge white metro tiles from Topps Tiles, not only were they super cheap but they look great and have really brightened the area up. Then completed them with a stainless steel trim on all the visible edges. We also changed all the sockets in the kitchen and utility from the old brass sockets that had become very tarnished and worn and changed them for brushed chrome.



We then had to wait three weeks for our for all the cupboards to be sprayed by Onestop Refinishers, although if you are thinking of doing this just to let you know there is about a three month wait from initial booking in. Getting these sprayed was also a very big job as every cupboard and draw had to be completely emptied and scrubbed down with sugar soap. The entire kitchen and utility had to be completely emptied and so we were living out the dining room for a few days.

Onestop came and sprayed all the cupboards in one day so luckily it wasn’t a lengthy job, when they left though the units had to be completely left untouched for 24 hours, so I couldn’t really go have a good look at how it all turned out. The following day on inspection there were a few minor issues that i had to get in touch with them about, such as little areas that had been missed, they were really apologetic and helpful, and we are now awaiting a date when they are in the area to rectify these. Overall though the spray has made a huge difference to the kitchen and looks great! They colour match to the farrow and ball colours and we were undecided between Purbeck Stone and Lamproom grey. We went for the purbeck stone in the end as it is such a large area with so many cupboards I was concerned that the lamp room grey may be a little dark, and on completion i am so glad I didn’t go that bit darker. The kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light in the evening so gets dark quite early so the colour choice works perfectly. My only advice if you are planning on getting this done, is that if you can stay at a friend or relatives for a day or so when it’s been done I would highly recommend it as we found the paint fumes really strong.

I also changed all the knobs on the doors and drawers in both the kitchen and Utility, which equated to 67 knobs. We went with a brushed chrome to match the sockets but stuck to the same round design as previous. It’s fair to say that by the end of the day i was sick to death of attaching the knobs!!

I found a huge range in price on the knobs from different shops and most were coming in at around £5 each, but i managed to find these ones for £1.73 each from MoreHandles.


The following week we had the decorators in to paint all the walls, ceilings, and woodwork to freshen everywhere up. So everything was pretty much kept in the dining room for another week as there was no point moving it back in the kitchen for a couple of days, at this point I can honestly say i had had enough of the renovations and I could not wait to get to the final result.

Again the mess from the decorating was a little soul destroying as we had to have a lot of remedial work in terms of patching up cracks, chips and dents, including quite a lot around the tiles where the plaster was still missing. This meant there was a lot of sanding causing a fair amount of dust. We decided on the colour Dimity from Farrow and Ball (mixed up in a durable matt for better value and so it can be scrubbed a little more!) as its a lighter shade to help brighten the room and give a good contrast to the cupboards. But it also has a little bit of a dirty tone to it, as a bright white with three children and a dog would just be a disaster for us! The woodwork was done in white though to brighten it all up.




Finally I got to spend a couple of days getting everything back into the kitchen and cleaning up after all the work, and the overall transformation is great, we are really happy with it and its saved us a fortune!


I would definitely recommend revamping a little if you can, especially if you are on a budget- it’s amazing what some new tiles and paint can do!



  1. Fran
    March 25, 2019 / 5:51 pm

    Looks lovely Kate, well worth all of the time and dust – complete transformation, I have serious kitchen envy! X

    • lifewiththebuxtons
      March 25, 2019 / 6:32 pm

      Thank you lovely x

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