Playbrush Fun…

The children were sent an electric and manual toothbrush from the Playbrush range to trial and share about how we got on.

They have a manual brush for the younger children that comes with a little attachment for the base of it so that you easily charge up using a USB port. The little attachment monitors the movement and angles in which the children are brushing their teeth and the games help to direct them to thoroughly clean each tooth and targets the ones they frequently miss out on.



Harry is using the electric version which charges via a normal electric toothbrush charger- but this one is on a normal plug and not a bathroom one. The have set games for different age ranges although Harry has had fun trying them all. This toothbrush is really handy in that it can still be used the same as a normal toothbrush when your not using the app. He loves that he gets rewards in the app for how well and consistently he cleans his teeth, so is always trying to beat his previous scores and so is cleaning his teeth better each time.


The games have a timer on which encourages the children to clean their teeth for at least two minutes, although my children ask to do the game again as they hadn’t ‘won’, and they want to try each others games so clean them for even longer!

The toothbrushes link to your smartphone or Ipad by via bluetooth to play the games and the games are available form the App store and Google store. There are a number of free games available that come as standard when you buy the brushes that you can access straight away. They do also have a lot more games that you can access via a subscription service, which can be bought annually or monthly, which are really reasonable in price.


Overall these have been a huge hit in our household and the children are really enjoying the app and brushes, they have genuinely made them clean their teeth better and for longer without any resistance. I think these would also be an amazing idea for little ones who really do not enjoy cleaning their teeth and its a bit of a battle, Playbrush could be a gamechanger!

Playbrush have kindly given me the discount code: Buxtons to share with you so you can get 20% off any purchases at

If you make the purchase please do share how you get on.




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