Harry reviews Untamed…

Harry was kindly sent some untamed goodies to review so we thought we would let you know what he thought!


Untamed Madlabs & Fingerling Dragon

He has also done a mini IGTV video over on Instagram where you can see how the products work if you fancy taking a look and having a little watch- he would really appreciate it, as he loves making these mini videos for you all!


We started of with the Untamed mad lab mini’s. These little containers contain a little collectable figure that need to be extracted from one of three substances. Harry loved that the two he opened were both different so that he got to play with two different textures. One was the Geoslime and the other the Biosand which was a magnetic sand that was lovely to play with as it had a silky smooth texture- and as it stuck together well it didn’t make any mess!


The containers they come in are really handy to keep the slime or sand fresh and also keep their little figures in, also making them easy to take out with you.

Harry really liked playing with these and I think they would be great to to take out if you were going to an event, such as along dinner, wedding, party etc where the children need a little help in staying still or at the table! Size wise that also makes them ideal as they can put them in their pocket.

These retail at £4.99 each

Harry was also sent one the Fingerlings Untamed Dragons. He was super pleased about this one as had mentioned one on Christmas Eve but Santa couldn’t get one that last minute!!

The Fingerlings dragons come in four designs and each have a uniquely coloured LED light in their jaws. The light flickers and lights up depending on the mood of the dragon and whether you have tamed him yet. Harry loved this feature as the dragon reacts to touch when being stroked on the head and can be ‘tamed’ by its user following some handy pointers in the instructions. An added bonus is that the dragon moves and blinks making them really realistic to the children.


A fab little gift that is still being played with regularly by all three of the children.

The Fingerling Untamed Dragons retail at £14.99

For more information I’ve added this link:


Also both the Madlabs and Dragons can be bought from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, Asda, Amazon and lots of department stores.

* please note these items were gifted to us and all views and opinions are our own

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