Hama Bead creations…

The children were sent a selection of the Hama Bead products to have a play with and let you know what we thought.

We had actually never tried these actual beads before so it was great to trial them and compare them against other ones we had used and the kids had been given as birthday presents previously.

We were sent two types so that they were suitable for both Grace and Harry. Grace is 4 so was sent the Maxi beads and a set of three maxi beads shapes, whilst Harry is 6 and was sent the regular Hama bead size tub ailing with a Dragon set.

When the kids got their hands on them they sat still and crafted for TWO WHOLE HOURS!!! I don’t know if your children are similar but mine never sit still for long! Anything that grasps their attention for this long has got to be a winner.

They shared nicely (another rarity) swapping the baseboards between them taking it in turns who had the dinosaur, car, butterfly and other shapes.

They also each had a go at doing each other’s and both enjoyed both the maxi and the regular sized beads, so I didn’t find them limiting for certain ages.

Overall I found them to be a fab rainy day activity, I like to share all pros and cons so the only negatives that I found were that:

– The beads get everywhere! The children are not particularly careful when using them so they kept bouncing and rolling over the surfaces and floors, but as they are so small they are easy to hoover up, and the maxi are pretty large so easy to pick up.

– The kids wanted me to iron each one as they did it so that it freed up the base boards, so would advise having a few designs of base boards so that you don’t need to turn the iron on and off all afternoon.

– After you have ironed them they obviously get very hot and take a little time to cool enough for the (impatient) kids to handle.

But all that being said the kids are still using them and thoroughly enjoying them so would definitely recommend. I think the Dragon set would make a lovely gift, and I have seen they have all sorts of themed sets for any of your little ones interests so definitely worth a look.

I’ve added links below so that you can take a look yourself:






** Please note these items were gifted to us free of charge in exchange for a review- All opinions and views are honest and our own


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