Slime Factory Fun…

Anyone who knows me will know that slime is not something I let the children play with freely! It’s such a craze with Harry and his friends at the moment, and he always wants me to buy some for him, and I am that mean mother who says no!

Especially after hearing all the horror stories of it getting stuck to the soft furnishings around the home, getting stuck in hair and being impossible to get out etc – it’s safe to say it definitely put me off!

We were asked to review a new slime set that is meant to be pretty mess free, easy to do and I thought I would dip my toe in in and let Harry have a go and see how we got on.

We were sent a So Slime DIY kit (rrp £9.99), this comes as a set of three slime pots that you need to mix and make your own slime. They also have the storage pots to keep your slime in for use on another day. The kit contained the ingredients to make the slime, all you needed was to add water and the glitter provided.

To be completely fair to this product it was super easy and nearly mess free! The So Slime kit has definitely changed my mind on slime and I will now let Harry and Grace both play freely with the slime with very little worry. The kit itself was super easy to do and the slime was created in three easy steps. The messiest part was the glitter that can be added to the slime- as is usual for glitter- it gets everywhere!! (You can leave this part out if you want too!!)

The slime that was created was smooth and almost putty like so easily stuck to itself and when the children dropped little bits was easy to pick up. It also didn’t get stuck to anything- including the carpet when it was dropped on there.

Each little pot also contained a little surprise gift that the children could dig out and find in the slime.

After the ingredients and water was added the pots needed some rigorous shaking to create the slime.

And done!!

The instructions inside the box also had some handy directions of slime removal if needed.

The So Slime DIY kit ended up being a fun little indoor activity, making it perfect for a rainy afternoon. If you are like me and are yet to dip your toe into the slime world and your children are pestering you too this may be the perfect starter kit for you!

I’ve added links below and highlighted above if you fancy taking a look- there are also lots of other products in the So Slime range.


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