Personalised treats by Petit-Fernand…

When the kids get to school age and you have to label EVERY SINGLE ITEM of clothing and all of their belongings, its safe to say we like to try and find the easiest way possible!

Petit- Fernand are your answer to an easier life- I promise!

They got in touch and asked if we wanted to review their personalised stick in labels so I jumped at the chance. Now two are at school and one at nursery the amount of clothing items I need to label is a little crazy. They sent me a sample book of their stick on clothing labels for both Charlie and Grace. What I really liked about these is that they are completely customisable, making them super easily identifiable for your little ones when they’re trying to find their belongings after P.E etc.

You can choose from a selection for the main colour of the label, the colour of the text and you can also add a little image. The image is a great idea as really sets the labels apart from others and you can choose something that your children love! Charlie has had some little Dinos and Grace chose a Llama! There’s also some extra stickers in the pack for your little ones.

I think my favourite bit of all though is – they just stick in!! No need to get the iron out and iron a stack of labels on, or even worse the permanent marker! If you want to make your life easier, here is a link to the stick in labels:

Stick In Labels

They also kindly sent one of their customised water bottles for Harry. These bottles are fab- I may need to get one for myself. They are isothermal water bottles which double wall insulation meaning that they keep hot fluid hot for 12 hours and cold cool for 24 hours.

They really have thought of everything with this bottle and ensured its 100% recyclable, BPA & phthalates free, and it even has an anti-leak lid meaning it prevents any spills in the children’s bags etc

There are also 34 different designs to choose from! Here is a link to the water Bottle:

Water Bottle

In our parcel we also had a personalised Bento style lunch box for Charlie. Again I was really pleasantly surprised with all the extra little features of this lunch box. It looks quite compact but actually has a 1000ml capacity, it has little compartments you can take out that keeps all the food separate. Under the main tray section there is also a hidden ice pack you can remove and chill to keep the food extra cool. The lunch box is even microwave safe so can even be used to warm the food.

This would make such a fab birthday gift I think. Here is a link to the lunch box:


So if your trying to get organised before the chaos of the holidays this is a one stop shop you should definitely check out!!



* these items were gifted but all views and opinions are our own


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