Rainy Day Fun with Ziggle…

If your little ones like to get outdoors no matter what the weather is doing, then a good raincoat is a must!

There are a few key factors I always try to look out for when buying the kids summer coats/ raincoats. Firstly and most importantly for me, is that they are lightweight, mainly due to the fact it’s normally me that gets stuck carrying them around when the kids get warm and they are not needed, and as a mum of three I normally have minimum three coats to lug around after the children!

Secondly they need to actually be waterproof- as silly as that sounds! I have picked up little jackets in the past for the children which are great as long as you don’t actually get caught out in the rain. I have also previously bought coats that have only been waterproof up until the first wash, then they were no longer waterproof, which obviously is not ideal either.

Another key point is that they are not expensive. There is literally no point in spending a fortune on a raincoat for the kids when they just don’t get enough use out of them to feel like you have had your money’s worth. The children grow so fast that they really only last a year at tops, and depending on how the British weather is treating us, there will only be a certain number of months that they can be worn, as they will most certainly need their warm winter coats for a portion of the year.

But all those points aside, its a certain that the kids do need a raincoat as the weather can just never make up its mind and you never know when you need to throw on your raincoats and just get outside anyway.

Ziggle asked if we could review their children’s raincoats, so we have been giving them a real good trial. We visited Wales for the weekend and pretty much saw every weather condition going, which included plenty of rain.

Ziggles raincoats come in a variety of designs but we chose the blue whale design for Charlie and the pink Unicorn design for Grace. Both of the coats have a really cool feature that when they get wet/ rained on the design colour changes. The kids obviously were trying to get wet then so they could see this! One of the reasons I really love this small business though, is that they are so reasonably priced. The raincoats are only £9.99 each, which I think is a real bargain. They are lightweight and fold up small, making them easy to cart around with you. I found the sizes quite generous also, so bear that in mind if you are order for a little sized one for this summer- there is no need to size up at all. Charlies coat was a little big but perfect when we rolled the sleeves up, so I can actually see us getting a lot longer use out of it- which is another huge plus.

They have lots of different items for sale- including the colour change umbrellas too, so I’ll add a link to go have a peek.


* The raincoats were Gifted but all opinions are my own


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