Puzzle fun with Toy Story 4…

The children can not wait to go and watch Toy Story 4, as we have been saving that cinema trip for the summer holidays as a treat.

They were sent some Jumbo Games, Toy Story puzzles to play with though beforehand to help get them excited about their cinema trip.

The puzzles came in an easy carry along box, which was a neat small size making them great to take away with us when staying away over the holidays, or visiting friends.

Each box contained a number of shaped puzzles which I really liked as it gave the children a bit more of a challenge to complete as they couldn’t look for the straight edges, but as they are only young they were not too complicated so they were actually able to complete them.

Toys and games that get the children to work together are always a hit for me as love to see them using some teamwork to complete the challenge of the puzzles, it also helps them learn about problem solving etc.

The puzzles gave the children the chance to remind themselves of the toy story characters and talk about the previous films, and speculate about what they think will happen in this next film.

We are now really excited to go watch it!

If your little ones are Toy Story fans I would check them out!


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