Keeping the Dog happy!

We have been trialing a different Dog Food for Mack for the last couple of weeks to see if there is a difference between the Vet recommended one and the value options in supermarkets.

Hills Pet Nutrition are leaders in creating precisely nutritionally balanced food to help maintain your dogs ideal weight, containing clinically proven antioxidants and L-carnitine that help turn fat into energy! As an owner of a Labrador weight gain is something I am conscious of and something I like to monitor as the breed can be well known for becoming large sausage shapes instead of their sleek, athletic state they were bred to be like. I generally think this is because Labrador’s are also known for their very large appetite making them extremely greedy and a bit of a food thief!

We have been trialing the Hills Science Plan Canine Adult Large Breed with Chicken dog food, and most importantly- its a hit with Mack! He certainly does not conform to your typical Labrador stereotype and can be pretty fussy, so it was great that he tucked in straight away with no issues and gobbled it all up in no time. The chunks are pretty meaty whilst still being classed as a dry dog food so have been ideal when we have been away a lot over the summer and taking him with us, its not smelly, does not make a mess and even comes in a resealable bag making it very easy to transport and keep fresh.

In just a few weeks I have noticed a lovely sheen to Macks coat, he is looking trim and fit, and is super happy in himself, so can not find fault in the dog food.

I really like that Hills are so confident that you can transform your pets life and give them a better balanced nutritious diet that they even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

I think this would be an amazing option for spayed bitches also, as they are much more prone to gaining weight so can be a great way keep on top of your pets nutrition whilst being well balanced to help prevent weight gain. For any adult dog (aged 1-7) its a great all round dog food and I highly recommend. If you want to find out any more information on this product or any of Hills other fabulous ranges, here is the link:


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