Aquabead crafty fun….

Even though it’s the summer holidays the British weather is as always a little unpredictable so it’s always handy to have some rainy day activities planned. So when Aquabead asked if we wanted one of their Minion 3 Sets to have a go at, we said yes and saved it for the holidays!

My children are huge fans of the Minion’s and Despicable Me films so I knew this set would be a hit for this alone. Then it has the added bonus of keeping them -occupied for a couple of hours, not only giving me peace and quietly but also giving them a hands on activity to complete.

I really try to get the kids creating and crafting as love them concentrating and completing something to be proud of, it’s always great when it steers them away from Tv and screen time too, as that’s what they head towards when they are stuck indoors.

The kit came with everything we needed to create their little minions and we just added the water to the spray bottle to set the designs so they could keep their creations and play with them.

The kit is made up of actual little balls that needed to be placed onto the tray where the minion picture was underneath, so lots of sorting out the colours and getting them in the right place.

These kits are great for getting children to concentrate and use their fine motor skills to be able to control where and how they are putting the small beads into place. It’s a good chance to practice colours and patterns if wanted also. Grace at 4 did find this a little tricky and made up some of her own patterns so would definitely say it was more suited to Harry’s age (6) and upwards. It’s also difficult for Grace to concentrate that hard for too long and this activity did need some concentration and perseverance to complete each minion.

This kit is available from most toy stores and even larger supermarkets. They also have a number of other designs in their range so there will be something for all your little ones interests.


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