Greenwood Family Park..

We visited Greenwood Family park for the first time recently and wanted to share our experience as really think it is a fab family day out for everyone. We visited as regular guests and paid full price for our admissions, so you can be sure this review of the place is all our own views!

We arrived to the car park and were surprised that it wasn’t super busy even though it was a Saturday and in the school summer holidays. That is something we have found for many of the attractions in North wales and on Anglesey, that they are never too larger attractions they are all smaller establishments which in turn makes them never too busy or crowded.

This meant that it took less than five minutes in the queue to get our tickets and the wait for rides and activities was also never longer than 5 to 10 minutes for the children to wait. Which as parents is a blessing as three children under 6, do not queue well for long periods of time!!

The first activity we reached was the sledge slope which the children loved, Charlie would not come off the smaller slope and had me carrying the sledge up and down for him over and over again, whilst harry and Grace went p to the big slope, although Grace bottled it at the top and walked back down! Harry loved it though and wanted to keep going on.

By pure chance this was next to the little magicians stage where there are two showings per day, we arrived 20 minutes before the first showing so the children played on the sledges until this began. The magician was captivating to the kids and did some fun tricks that had the children (and adults!) giggling which is always a good sign. He was great at getting the audience participating and the children joining in and cheering, so was a lovely touch to the day that the children are still talking about as a highlight.

My children are (nearly) 7, 4 and 20 months old and there was so much for each of them to do. I normally find it quite difficult to find places to visit that can genuinely entertain all three as normally activities seem to be aimed for age 3 upwards. At Greenwood that was not the case, there were plenty of activities that he could do with his older siblings, such as the moon buggies, a number of play areas, indoor soft plays designated for under threes, ride on tractors, mini sledges, tunnel warren etc. I was just genuinely impressed at how much there was to do overall.

Harry went on the splash ride, had a go at archery, the children climbed the tree top towers and slides, we had numerous goes on the rollercoaster, and they had a jump on the big inflatable bouncer. It began to rain a little so we headed indoors to the larger soft play where all three could run around whilst I got a hot chocolate.

At this point we decided to head home, everyone had had so much fun, they were beginning to flag, and as we bought the annual pass it meant that we can go back really soon and explore some more!

If you are local or often holiday/ have days out in North Wales the pass is a great investment, it worked out hat you only need to visit the park 2.5 times for it to pay for itself, we will easily do that over the summer alone. Also as the park has soft play and indoor activities it’s great for even rainy afternoons.

There were a number of additional add Ons you could buy/ spend as you went around but all reasonably priced at around £2. For example there was wood work, painting, pyro burning wood, Land Rover rides, face painting etc that you could spend hours doing!

Another huge plus for me is that there are plenty of picnic areas and benches around so you are welcome to bring a picnic with you if you are looking to budget your day out a bit more. But there are also a number of little huts selling food and drinks and a small restaurant in the play barn.

Overall we had a fab day and really liked that it was a ‘smaller’ park as it was not commercial in the slightest, really personable and had a friendly personal touch in every corner. Also just genuinely reasonably priced fun.


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