Apramo Flippa Booster Seat Review…

Charlie was sent the new Apramo Booster seat to convert any chair into a dining seat so he can sit up to the table, and sit up to eat easily when out and about.

The flippant seat is super easy to use as it folds flat and small in seconds so when you take it out with you, when Charlie decides to leg it in a different direction it is no trouble to pick up and run with it too! He is approaching the wonderful full on age 2, and is full of toddler chaos so we end up chasing him around a lot!

This seat has been ideal for that reason also as it enables me to pin him down at meal times with its great straps in the seat. If Charlie had his way he would be eating on the go and dropping food everywhere as he goes! I can attach it do any dining seat and have the tray on or off dependant on the table height and size, so have taken it out to friends houses also, saving us having to dismantle his old large high chair every time.

We have also thrown it in the boot when we have gone out on summer adventures, where we have had picnics outside, as even when he isn’t eating he like the seat to sit down in and play with his cars on, so has been making a great transportable play table!

It’s comes in lots of different colours so can fit in with any colour scheme, or if your little one already has a favourite colour? We went for the Slate Grey and think it looks really smart, more so that its enabled us to get rid of the big bulky high chair from the kitchen. It’s suitable for up to 3 years or 15KGS.

You can find out more information at https://www.apramo.com/dining-boosters/flippa/


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