Scruffaluv Fun …

Grace was kindly sent a Scruffaluv adoption pack to review, and we wanted to share about it on here as she has LOVED the whole process and is in love with her new Fur babies!

The scruffaluv gives little ones a start of an education on lost and stray pets, helps to teach little ones that pets need lots of TLC, but also gives them lots of surprises throughout the process of revealing their new pets.

When the box arrived the cute characters were enough to have Grace squealing with delight and desperate to rip the box open. When we did open the box we found a ball of rough matted fur and a selection of window boxes to open more surprises. In each compartment their were little treats for both your little ones and their pets, including a grooming brush, collar, bottle, adoption certificate and stickers.

We then had a little read of the adoption instructions and got to work with our pet rescue. We began by washing the ball of fluff to let her uncurl and then we got to see how many ‘surprise’ babies she had. Grace was super excited as she had triplets, some have twins. You can then gender reveal them by the coloured hearts on their little tummies.

When we had washed them all we got them out and gave them a good dry with the towel, then gave them a blow dry with the hair dryer to finish them off which Grace enjoyed.

Once they were all dry they all had a good groom with the little brush and had their little jackets put on, and the Mommy Scruff had her colour put on. We filled out the certificate and Grace went off to play with them all.

She has taken them everywhere since and loves sitting and pretending to feed them and rock them to sleep. She has even roped her brothers into playing with her which was really cute!

One main factor that I really like about the Scruffaluv toy is that a percentage of every ‘family adopted’ Scruff-a-luvs donate to the RSPCA to help real animals find their ‘furever’ homes, so in buying the gift you are not only getting your child something they have to love and care for (without the responsibility) you are also helping actual animals in need.

A fab gift idea which I think will be a huge hit with so many little ones for Christmas. Current RRP is £29.99. We are currently giving away one of these over on our Instagram channel, so be sure to pop over for a chance to win!

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