Graces first School Shoes…

We took a trip out to get the all important back to school shoes for both Harry and Grace, and after a few disasters with a very well known large chain, we opted to find a smaller privately owned store to see if there was a difference in the process.

We found Toggs and Cloggs as they are a local to us independently owned shop by two lovely mums who set the business up to provide exceptional service and quality, in both kids clothing and shoes, ladies wear and gifts. They have a store in both Shrewsbury and Newport so are a great choice for my local followers to check out, but they also have an online store in their website for everyone.

We took a drive out and decided to visit their Newport store where we got to meet the lovely owners. They offer a traditional style of shoe fitting, that takes a lot more time going through the foot sizing and choice of shoes, and really making sure that they are the fit fit for your child. Grace went first and was measured in the back of the store where there were a large selection of shoes on display from a number of different brands, meaning that there was plenty of choice and styles to choose from in her size.

We decided on a patent pair of Startrite T-bar shoes that were really cute and made her look very grown up!

Harry was next up, and it was good to see the selection of styles of show for him, as he has very narrow feet. There were about 7 different styles to choose from in his size which gave us plenty of choice. We shied away from the ‘traditional’ type boys school shoe with the bumper area on the front and went for some smarter style Startrite shoes as we also have a wedding coming up so wanted them to look good with his suit!

After the children had their shoes sorted, they had an absolute ball looking through all the toys for sale in the shop. Toggs and Cloggs stock a huge range of toys for all ages groups, the main point I liked was that a large majority of them were traditional toys, wooden and classic toys, and then a few unusual toys that I hadn’t seen before. Such as the Vet in a box that Grace would not put down!

They also had a tower of ‘pocket money’ toys which are always a hit for little ones to get themselves something affordable and are also great as stocking fillers in the run up to Christmas.

As you go through the shop there are another two rooms, one upstairs and one down, full of ladies clothes, shoes and accessories. Again they sell a large range of brands, which vary in price point depending on what you are looking for. I really liked that they had some lovely gifts in the form of jewellery, trinkets, make up bags etc

They often have sales rails in the shop throughout each of the departments so its always worth popping in and picking up a bargain also. We were very kindly ‘gifted’ harry’s shoes in exchange for this blog post but all views and opinions are my own. In fact we loved the attention to detail in the fitting of the childrens shoes so much thats why we bought Graces, and will soon be back with Charlie.

If you are looking to support a traditional lovely shp then please do take a look at Toggs and Cloggs.  You certainly will not be disappointed in the quality of products and their service.


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