Bath Bomb Magic…

The children have had a little play at making bath bombs this week using these So Bomb DIY Kits.

The children were sent a vanity case kit (rrp £16.99) which contained all the ingredients to make six large bath bombs, the kit also contained some samples surprise toys to hide in the bath bombs, and colourful bath sprinkles!

The kids LOVE taking a bath and I normally have to force them out of it. So they jumped at the chance to have some fun creating some fizzy fun that they could play in the bath even longer with!

The kit had super easy step by step instructions that were easy to follow and was quick to complete- to make three bath bombs at a time it took about 30 minutes start to finish. The sachets made it easy to know which to add, when needed and the children loved feeling like little mad scientists making potions.

The only gripe the children had about it all, was that once you have made the bath bomb mix and filled the case, you need to leave it to set for around 4 hours so that it makes the bath bomb ball shape. And as patience is not the children’s strong point- it was no surprise I was asked about one hundred times if they were ready yet!!

Overall it was a fun little kit that filled an afternoon of making the bath bombs and then having fun with them in the bath, the children have asked if we can get some more, so that’s always a good sign.

This kit and so many more of the So Bomb range can be found in Smyths toys if you fancy taking a look.

*This kit was gifted for the children but all opinions and views are our own.

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