Children’s Oral and Dental Health…

Simply Health reached out to see if we wanted to trial some of their recommended dental products and to help educate us on the statistics of children’s dental issues in the UK.

I was genuinely shocked at how high the figures were for Children who had missed a full day of school due to needing treatment for tooth decay, it was one in ten!

In the Simply Health Oral survey 48% of parents said they would like their children to be better educated by a health professional on dental care and hygiene in school, leading to also have teeth brushing sessions whilst at school and they also agreed that dental health checks whilst in school would be a good idea.

I think all these ideas and points are really important and something I really do agree with. Every child does have different teeth but if parents and children are well educated on the effects of not brushing their teeth often enough, or well enough can have, there would surely be a decline in the amount of children requiring dental treatment. The damage is most definitely better being prevented than treated and then maintaining the damage control.

This also works alongside the children having dental checks by a health professional at school, meaning that every child will of definitely visited the dentist and their oral health can be monitored. And again if there were opportunities for children to clean their teeth after their school dinner, I believe this could only be a plus point and be beneficial to the children’s teeth. Especially as so many ‘lunchbox’ products are often full of many sugars, making finding tooth friendly snacks a little difficult.

Another point in the survey was that 15% of the children take cordial or fruit juice to bed of an evening. Even ‘no added sugar’ squash contains large amounts of natural sugars that are still damaging to teeth. Children’s teeth are at much higher risk during the night as the mouth produces less saliva and so teeth are left in a ‘bathe’ of the sugars from their drinks. The advice given was always to have water at bedtime and these drinks when eating a meal as water is the best thing to prevent oral and dental damage.

Simply Health sent the children each a toothbrush and some toothpaste made by Aquafresh, I have seen these in our local supermarket and all are under £1 so really affordable. They also had some colouring crayons, feltips and a colouring book to keep them busy! Thank you Simply Health for sending these to us and helping to educate us!

Do you have any top tips for getting little ones to clean their teeth?? If so please leave a comment as I would love to know and share them.


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