Kindi Kid’s Doll Review…

As Grace was starting school this September the lovely people over at Moose Toys sent her one of their Kindi Kids dolls to help ease her into it and have a little friend to come home too!

The Kindi Kids dolls are here to help children transition into starting starting school, as they did a survey and found that 44% of parents with children starting school were worried about how their little one will cope, so they wanted to try do something about it!

“As young children enter pre-school, often the most difficult aspect for them and their parents is the transition, but with the help of their upbeat, colourful and positive Kindi friends, their experience can be transformed to a happy, fun and safe adventure,” said Jacqui Tobias, co-owner, Moose Toys. “Our goal in introducing a new girls’ preschool doll range is to help young kids discover their voice and develop their individuality, imagination and confidence in their journey to pre-school.”

The Kindi Kids have launched this campaign to help guide parents and little ones on their school journey. They have their very own youtube channel where the Rainbow Kindi world comes alive in the episodes, with storylines based around first days at pre-school and making new friends. There is even a ‘Bobble Dance’ that children can join in with at home!

The Kindi Kids are four quirky and colourful bobblehead dolls with interactive magical accessories sparking imaginative play and guiding young girls on their journey to pre-school. Their unmistakable wobbly bobbly heads, big glittery eyes and colourful hair, make the Kindi Kids the cutest dolls on shelf!

Grace was sent the Jessicake doll and shopping accessories and it was a love at first sight! She has been playing with her ever since and comes home to watch a Youtube episode with the doll at her side.

Overall I think this is a lovely idea for little ones starting school who love a doll, they have already got a little best friend before they even walk through the school gates. They are also really reasonably priced at around £24.99, so if your little one wants to collect more than one and some of their toys and accessories there is no need to remortgage the house!

They are available at at Smyths, Argos, Amazon, The Entertainer, Very and Tesco

If your little one has one we would love to know which one they chose!




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