Outdoor Door mat Review…

I know to a few at first glance that discussing door mats may not seem that interesting, but at the end of the day we all need them, use them and want them to do their job, both indoors and outdoors!

That’s why I was more than happy to review the Cape Cod Weaved door mat from Turtle Mats. I went for the Slate colour although they do have a number of different colours available. The Cape Cod also comes in two different sizes so you can make sure its the right size to fit your door way. We chose the larger size as wanted it to fit onto a decking area outside sliding patio doors. The larger size is 55x 100cm.

The Cape Cod is specifically designed for Outdoor use as it is made from tough twisted cord that is hand woven, making it free draining, the weave is raised making it great from scraping mud and dirt off your shoes. It’s super easy to clean with a blast of the hose if needed and is reversible.

The Cape Cods main objective is ‘to keep the Great outdoors where it belongs, outdoors!’

We have been using the Cape Cod for a couple of months now and are really pleased with it. It’s had lots of use and still looks brand new, even the dog often uses it as a bed when he is lying down outdoors. It also comes with a five year guarantee which is great.

The only point that i want to reiterate (it does say it on their website when you order, but I obviously didn’t read this well enough!) Is that when you are first using the mat, make sure you pop it on a non slip surface or use a non slip mat underneath until it has a little wear. The mat has when it first arrives has a surface sheen so can be a little slippy to begin with, this was also due to putting it straight down onto composite decking, so we have been using on top of an old worn cork mat that it was replacing and it has been fine.

We have been in and out in all weathers, including mud, beach visits and its also been out in torrential rain and it really does require no care to keep looking brand new. Ive never needed to wash it off or anything and it looks great.

Over on the Turtle mats website they have a range of both indoor and outdoor rugs. The indoor range is absolutely huge and their are so many funky designs to fit in with your interiors and styles. They have also collaborated with many designers so you will see some of your favourite patterns and designs on there too.

They are a small UK business who make their products to amazing quality whilst being suitable for easy everyday life, I can’t recommend them enough, the customer service is second to none as its all so personable. So if you are in the market for a new indoor or outdoor mat, I would advise checking them out.


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