Pili Palas fun…

As we are often in North Wales and on Anglesey we wanted to do a few blog posts sharing about where we go, what we get up to and some days out we have been on, including places we have visited.

So this one is going to be sharing about our visit to Pili Palas. We visited here as a regular customer and paid full price for our tickets.

Pili Palas is really easy to find and access if you are on Anglesey or even North Wales as it is only a few minutes over the bridge.

I would definitely say that if you are thinking of coming, try to aim for a dryish day, there is plenty of indoor activities if there happens to be a few showers but if you want to really make a day of it (and get your moneys worth!) I think some of the out door activities will help extend your time there.

So I’ll start with that- the outdoor activities are: llamas that you can go and see/ stroke if they want to come to the fence, a selection of farm animals to walk around and see. There is a little pathway to walk through with bug hotel and a bird watching hut if you want to spot some wild birds. There is also a large outdoor play area with numerous picnic benches scattered around, which are perfect for you to bring your own picnic and let the children run free for a while.

As you walk through the outdoor animals you walk in a circle back into the buildings where there are smaller animals to see, such as rabbits and guiena pigs that they have set feeding/ petting times. Then through to a reptile room which is great as they have critters and reptiles both big and small to look at. They have a selection of tanks with spiders, toads and snakes to look at. They also do talks with these animals on set days and times and walk around with them for the children to see.

Through another door there is another outside play area with a section of it under cover which would be great if you visited on a rainy day, there are also a few picnic benches there too. The is area then leads into the indoor soft play centre, which again on a rainy day is perfect, but good to bear in mind that if you visit at peak times it can become a little busy in there if everyone is trying to shelter from the rain! They also sell food, snacks, and warm drinks in here, great for your typical kids meals/ lunch boxes if you haven’t brought your own.

There is also a proper Cafe on site that sells more ‘main’ meals which we found to be best choice to eat at for us. This cafe also has the huge added bonus that the meerkat enclosure is in the centre on the building so as you sit and eat your meal you can watch the meerkats run around and play which we thought was great, and had the children giggling away.

The main attraction here though is the large butterfly house that you can walk around. There are so many butterflies in here that you will definitely see plenty of them and have the opportunity for them to land on you and the leaves around you. I have to say we saw the BIGGEST butterfly we have EVER seen in here! I genuinely did not know that you could even get butterflies that big!! i really like that this room you can really take at your pace and enter as many times as you like, which if you are looking for some good photos of the butterflies it gives you plenty of chance to get them.

Overall it was a really great day out that the children loved and we will certainly return for another visit, although next time we will probably take a picnic too for the children to pick at as they run around the play area. If you are visiting the area and looking for things to Pili Palas definitely worth a visit.


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