Childrens Desk Upcycle…

Harry has reached that age where he is getting regular school homework and lots of reading and activities that he wants to do, and ideally wants to them in peace away from his noisy younger siblings.

He asked if he could have his very own desk in his bedroom so that he could draw pictures, write stories and do his his homework and it was one of those things I really wanted to do for him. I looked at buying a desk from a few companies but all the ones in the price bracket we were hunting in were very poor quality, made of mainly plastic or MDF.

I decided to have a little look on the Facebook marketplace in our local area and see if anyone was selling one, and managed to pick a solid pine one up from less than 10 minutes for only £20! you couldn’t buy the wood alone for that so thought it was a great bargain. It just needed a little TLC to fit straight into Harry’s bedroom.

I decided to be brave and give him free reign on colour when I decided I was going to give it a lick of paint, and told him he could choose any colour he wanted. He chose Green so I decided to steer more towards the Emerald Green colour which I thought was really beautiful too and the splash of colour would be great in a child’s bedroom.

We then had a scroll through Ebay looking at the different Drawer Knobs and narrowed it down to a few, including stars, and octopus and finally some bright orange crabs which to begin with I wasn’t entirely sold on. When harry explained that he loved them as they reminded him of one of our summer days on the beach where we found a dead crab ( the children wanted to bring it home as a pet!!) And although it sounds a bit random as it was dead it was actually just a reminder of a really lovely family day we all spent together this summer and so we obviously had to get them!

The day i picked the desk up I sanded the top down a few layers as it was very watermarked and had a varnish on that I wanted to remove and take back to the natural wood, so then applied a layer of furniture wax instead.

The rest of the desk I gave a quick rough sand to just help the paint stick and clean the desk up a little and I took the drawers out and gave them a rough sand too, after removing the drawer knobs that were already on the desk.

I like to think  I am pretty decisive and so the next day went off to our local DIY store and had a quick look at the colour cards and just went with the brightest emerald green I could find and got them to mix it in an eggshell so that it would be alot more hardwearing and washable. i had no idea what the colour was really like until I got home and started applying it and it was fine, I actually could of gone a little darker for a deeper colour but as its so hard to tell from the little squares I was pretty pleased with the colour choice in the end.

Eggshell always seems to have great coverage so just did the one coat, but as I did it at night in our dining room which has terrible lighting for DIY, the next day i found some little areas that needed a little touch up and a few spots I had completely missed! The only real negatives to the eggshell paint in my opinion is that it can be a little strong smelling, and it can take quite a while to really dry. So be sure to keep little ones and their poking fingers away if possible- as they WILL try to touch it!!

We then attached the Crab drawer knobs, but needed to take them off and cut them down as they were quite long and we didn’t want Harry to cut his hand each time he got something out of the drawers. Once I finally got my husband to do that they were reattached and the desk was complete!

We popped it up to Harrys bedroom and put his crayons on it. When I called him up to show it to him he was over the moon. That evening I had to prize him off the chair as he was asking to sleep at his desk instead of sleep in his bed, so I don’t think I could get higher praise than that!

I really do love a crafty project and that includes Upcycling furniture, I love that you can get such quality items second hand for such little cost. Overall with the desk, paint and knobs the total cost came to less than £50. So much cheaper than any desk i could go out to buy, Harry loves that i have done it especially for him, I have enjoyed the creativeness of doing it, and finally harry now has a completely unique piece of furniture that no else will ever have!

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