The facial of dreams….

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to Natasha Hamilton skin clinic to experience an Environ Facial. So I wanted to share with you how I got on and what i thought about it.

Natasha has retrained in beauty and become a skin specialist. She creates bespoke treatments and advanced clinical facials that promote rapid skin rejuvenation that are all tailor made to suit each person’s individual skin. So if there are certain areas of your face, certain ailments that you want to focus on, she can do that for you.

In Natashas words: “I will use the latest science, technology and equipment to successfully treat a variety of concerns such as premature to advanced skin ageing, acne, congestion, rosacea, pigmentation, skin laxity, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. I’ll also share with you my skin knowledge and provide you with a specialised and targeted treatment and skincare plan.”

Luckily for me the salon where Natasha is based is not too far from me, so it was easy to locate and park etc which is always a bonus! The salon is in a converted barn so is beautifully done with lots of natural light, and on walking inside it smells devine and feels very calming.

On entering the treatment room we sat down and completed a thorough questionnaire where we discussed everything that had an impact on my skin, such as diet, lifestyle stress etc and then continued onto discussing what i wanted out of the treatments,  and what areas I was concerned about. Natasha then worked out and advised what treatments and procedures would be most suited to not only my skin but to what i was hoping to achieve with my skin, which was to help relieve the congestion and breakouts I was currently experiencing due to bad diet and stress.

So my facial started with the removal of my make up and a 5 step cleanse to really clean the skin before the treatment began. This was followed by a moisturizing colostrum mask that was applied and then the machine and probe was used to send sound waves over my face in the areas she was treating, causing the moisture to penetrate deep into the lower layers of my skin. After this part of the treatment a clay mask was applied to my face that hardened so that the clips for the electro current machine could be clipped onto and send vibrations into the mask. these vibrations and currents again help the treatment work into the lower layers of the skin and hep the skin be able to absorb all of the nutrients it needs.

The mask was removed and Natasha then did some lymphatic drainage massage on my face, followed by a final moisturiser applied. Afterwards my skin felt beautiful and looked radiant. Straight away the large blemish on my chin was a lot calmer and it reduced quickly in the following days. We are now a few days later and I really feel that my skin had a great clean and got a really big hydrating boost as think my skin was really dehydrated.

There may be some parts of this facial I have not thoroughly or even correctly explained so any questions please do contact Natasha as the Environ facial is very science based!

I really loved the overall experience and Natasha is super lovely and instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a facial, or are having some skin issues you need help getting under control or just skin care advice, I would highly recommend. I also have an IGTV of the process over on my Instagram if you want to see how it all went.

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