Blue Dot Festival Fun…

This summer we were invited to The Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank by Velcro. This year they were celebrating 50 years since to the moon landings and as it is a science and astronomy festival it was a huge theme for the whole festival.

VelcroUK were there with a large stand to help share about (and educate us) of all the ways in which Astronauts have used and still use Velcro whilst out in space. And it is a LOT! Whether it be to keep objects stuck to their space suits, or a piece inside their helmets to scratch their nose!  The amount it was used inside the spaceships was a huge amount also for every day items and activities.

On the Velcro stand the children could have a go at spotting these on a spacesuit, sitting in a spaceship cockpit and even got to do a moonwalk!

I wanted to share with you what else went on throughout the day at The Blue Dot and what we did.

There were a large number of talks and short film showings that varied in topic and intensity depending on your interest and age range, we skipped the majority of the scientific talks and headed straight for the Wallace and Gromit movie as we had two six year olds with us who wanted to get out and about, and enjoy giggling at the big screen.

After the Wallace and Gromit film we headed to the Luminarium- Architects of air, as the queue was not too long as it was early in the day.

“from outer space to inner space, this incredible immersive experience invites you to enter a unique and new structure and be moved to a sense of wonder at the beauty of its light and colour.
Through labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes, visitors can explore a visually stunning environment of luminosity or simply relax and meditate in a world apart, drenched in radiant colour”

And it layman’s terms it was a huge blow up strange shaped creation that was handmade, that had used clever cuts in to fabric to make unusual light and colour patterns. The children loved running around inside of it and spotting all the different shapes, colours and nooks and crannies.

We then headed around the festival and joined in with many of the free activities available for the children, this was a huge plus point for me as there really was so many things that the children could do that was included in the price of entrance, so you did not have to keep forking out for additional costs.

The student stands from Liverpool University were really great for kids. They had a series of activities the children could take part in that were both engaging and educational. Harry loved making his own germ, DNA keychain and posing in their martian and astronaut stand.

We visited the Royal Aeronautical Society where Harry got to experience some virtual reality of flying an aeroplane, and also got to make some paper airplanes. He also visited other stands and learnt about 3D printing and screen printing, where he got to create his very own bag.

There were also plenty of activities for the adults, including vodka, gin and foodie stalls. There were areas teaching the children about space, areas educating on conservation including sea life, and Chester Zoo speaking about their conservation projects.

There were obviously music areas too but the children were so busy creating things and chasing bubbles from the bubble stall that we did not spend a lot of time in front of the stages. We only visited for a few hours due to needing to get back so the boys could get to bed for school the next morning, but can imagine it would be lots of fun to stay over and camp and fully immerse yourself in the festival experience. It would also give you a lot more time to watch the bands and learn so much.

Thank you VelcroUK for inviting us, we had a lovely day out.

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