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As we live on the Cheshire/ Shropshire border we are lucky that we can nip to the Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall Cheshire in less than 20 minutes. Ideal when the kids absolutely LOVE it there.

I often get asked on Instagram when we visit if I would recommend it, especially to those who would have to travel a fair distance to get there, so I thought I would do a more thorough review to share with you.

The main bonus for us as a family is that it engages all three children, with a number of things they can do individually and also that they can play together on/ in which is always good.

We have one of the VIP cards which has 100 play passes on this, we bought this in their January sale two years ago and are still not half way through it so it was a good investment. They are normally £100 but was £50 in the sale, this is the biggest saving that you can get as it works out at only 50p a go or play on whatever the children choose to do. They also have a number of other play passes starting from £10 with each giving a saving in comparison for paying for everything individually. As if you decided to do that- you would spend a lot of money fast, especially if you have more than 1 child, as each play is £4.50.

I know that all sounds a little confusing sorry- but basically if you can spend a little more on a pass the children will get more passes to play and you get a greater saving.

Another bonus of the place is that there is a large indoor soft play that you can use if the weather isn’t so kind, again this is a play pass per child- the same as all activities. Also it’s good to note that at busier times such as weekends and Holidays this is limited to 1 hour play, whereas if you are lucky enough to be able to visit in school hours, you can play indoors for much longer.

Also indoors is a sand and water play area which is great whatever the weather as if you take waterproofs or overalls for the children it’s easy to keep them dry and shake them off after. In this area there are mini frames, rivers and little fun tasks the children can do.

Outside there is a huge outdoor play area, which climbing frames, slides, trampolines, tunnels, and so much more, there is even an Ice cream tree in the centre which spouts bubbles on the hour.

On top of this there is also a farm area that you can walk around and see the animals, including lamas, sheep, donkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits and plenty of others that is also free of charge.

The is a little land train you can pay to go on to take you around on here also, although we have not had chance to have a go on that one yet!

Then there are a number of activities outside that you will need your play pass on. These include two mini quad bikes that go around a little track- my kids love these. A large mini golf course in the centre of it all, a gemstone quarry where the children can seize a pan and pan for gems- which they get to take home in a little bag. ( a handy thing to note is the water is freezing if its a cold day!)

They have a mini Land Rover off road adventure, mechanical diggers so the children can practice there digging skills, and in the summer they often have a few others that pop up like a drop slide.

The whole site has a no picnic policy to be able to keep them from charging entry. We never really find this an issue, they have a pit stop outside where you can get hot dogs, sausage rolls and drinks, but indoors they have a proper restaurant. We genuinely have never had a bad meal, they serve lots of handmade food, good quality and large portion sizes. Then to finish off the children always love to visit the huge ice cream parlour and pick a couple of the flavours, and we usually buy a tub to take home too!

Overall yes I would highly recommend it, especially if its in travelling distance, if you are coming from very far away and need to stay over, I would advise to tie in with another event/ activity in the area to get the most out of your stay, such as visiting Chester city centre as pits not far at all.

We often only spend half a day at the Ice Cream Farm but that is also because we have been a number of times and the children all have their favourite activities, and to be fair, I usually have school or nursery runs to get back for!

It’s a fun filled family day out for all ages.


* We visited as paying customers and no part of this review was gifted or paid for, meaning that all opinions are our own

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  1. Lauren
    November 13, 2019 / 7:29 pm

    Ahhhh we love the ice cream farm! Especially now that he is getting older! Lovely pics! X

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