Grace’s Gift guide for little ones…

This gift guide is a little different as Grace has decided she is in charge and wanted to lead this blog post with all her favourite picks for the festive season for her and her friends. So here are a few gift ideas as chosen by a 4 year old!

1- Firstly we have to start with DISNEY FROZEN ULTIMATE ARENDELLE CASTLE PLAYSET- This one is a biggie so would be great as a combined present or as a main present as it retails at £159.99 and is available from pretty much all toy suppliers, such as Argos, Smyths and the Entertainer. The castle is HUGE!!! So really does make such a big statement present as its over 5 feet tall and has lots of rooms and little pieces of furniture included. The one thing I would note if you are thinking of buying this item is that you need to already have or also purchase the figures as it does not come with any figurines.

2- Grace loves the programme Masha and the Bear, so when they released a Masha and the Bear Game she wanted to include it onto her Christmas list! The game is for 2-4 players and is suitable for age 4+ so perfect for Harry and Grace to play together. The aim of the Masha Race To Treehouse Game is to be the first player to reach the finishing space at the top of the game board! But be aware of the pink and green arrows, while the rope ladders might speed you up or slow you down! This one comes from the Entertainer and is £15

Masha and The Bear


3- Grace is obsessed with how much she has grown each week now that she has started school, I think she thinks she will grow every week just for attending school! These TallTapes are super handy as they dont take up alot of space, they can be taken out and put away whenever wanted and needed and take up no wall space, again perfect if you have a tendency to move house! The Tall Tape would make a perfect gift for any child and parent to keep a memory record of how their little one grows throughout their childhood.

Tall Tape 

4- Science in Wonderland – This is a science set with a magical Fairy twist so perfect for little ones who love a bit of both, as they are both magical! The set contains five fun experiments that all have a fairy garden twist, it is recommended for age 5+  and is currently retailing at £19.99

Science in Wonderland 

5. Winding the Bobbin up Gifts and creations had to be featured on here as they make so many lovely little gifts and fun activities for the children. Charlotte is a wonderful designer and illustrator who also does lovely family portraits in a unique storybook style. If you are looking for some Christmas crafts I have to recommend her Dear Santa letters that will get the magic of Christmas excitement going! And her cards such as ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ are really great for getting the kids involved. She has also created a ‘Read, Wrap, Recycle’ Newspaper project to help reduce Christmas wrapping waste, whilst also having something special read and use! Have a look on her Etsy and Socials to see lots more fab gift ideas..

6. Diverse Dollz– Debz – The lady behind Diverse dollz is a qualified teacher and specialising in SEN teaching, has fulfilled a dream of hers to create a range of superbly hand crafted diverse dollz to help the younger generation to accept and respect each others uniqueness. I love that you can have a doll created especially for you and your little one and can choose so many different details. These dolls will surely be keepsakes in the family and handed down through children, making them extra special. The prices of the Diverse Dolls vary dependant on what you wanted creating but are around the £45 mark.



7- Shark Chase– The kids love games that they can play together and with their friends when they come over and they really do love a little competition so this one looks a good one to have on the list! Escape the shark to be with winner……swim too slow and you’ll be his dinner. Currently retailing at £17.99

Shark Chase


8- So Slime DIY Slimelicious Station – £19.99 – Make your own fantastic scented slime creations with the Slimelicious Station by just adding water to the powder and colourant and then shaking! You can even add decorations and mix different colourants to create a number of scents and slime colours! Grace and Harry LOVE slime– as much as it scares the hell out of us as parents in the fear that it will be all over the soft furnishings!! I love that this set lets them get a little creative and make the slime themselves and that they can customise it too.


9- Spike the Hedgehog– Grace wanted to add Spike on her toy gift guide as she wants this for Charlie. Ideal for toddlers, this hedgehog-themed learning toy will develop a variety of key early learning skills, that will help develop fine motor skills by using the pegs to create the spokes on Spikes back. I like that the spikes can all be stored inside the hedgehog so is quick and easy to tidy up after!


10. Eco Kids Magazine Subscription– This is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, whilst helping to educate the kids about the environment we live in and how they can make a difference to help it! Its a great magazine to also learn about animals from all over the world. ‘A series of colourful and informative kids’ nature magazines, Eco Kids Planet aims to introduce children to the wonders of nature, and encourage them to protect their planet.’ They have a number of different ways to buy and subscribe so can suit everyone’s budget.


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