Grace’s Bedroom Transformation…

Grace decided she wanted a Blue and Pink bedroom. That was it- the only criteria! Although she can be pretty picky about things so I ran the big decisions by her but then got on with her room transformation so that it was a big surprise for her. I wanted to do a blog post to share about how we got on and how it now looks- also useful to document it whilst it’s tidy!!

We have been very lucky to collaborate with the amazing Rebel Walls, who make the biggest range of beautiful wall murals I have ever seen! They ship all over the world and their products are famous in so many countries as the artwork for walls they create are so beautiful. After spending literally hours scrolling through their website I narrowed my choices down to about 6 – it was that hard! Then I showed them to Grace and let her have the final say and decide which one she really wanted.

Other than including pink into the scheme I hadn’t planned much else at this point as I needed to see which mural she would choose so that we could plan the room around it. She chose The Enchanted Forest which was definitely one of my favourites. She loved it because she said it ‘looked magical’ and she loved that it had so many shades of blue in- one of her favourite colours.

The Enchanted Forest– When night falls over this mysterious forest, magical creatures can be spotted lurking behind the tree trunks. We hired a decorator (Top Coat Painters) for applying the mural over two walls as I wasn’t brave enough to attempt it myself! He said it was easy to apply and went up really well, so I would highly recommend the murals– I want one in the lounge now!!

The Top Coat Painters then painted the other two walls pink- a shade I randomly picked off a colour chart in our local home store where they just mix it there and then- so not helpful at all sorry!! I’ll add a photo of the colour as not sure it even has a name (sorry). we also had the ceiling and woodwork all painted white to give it a freshen up. If you are looking for a painter/ decorator in the Cheshire/ Shropshire area I can highly recommend TopCoat, they also painted our kitchen and always do a fab job.

Whilst all this was going on I had a little time to get crafty with something I could actually do- and I upcycled an old cupboard I bought off Facebook marketplace. I was looking to change the furniture in her room as she needed a little more storage but everything that I could find that didn’t cost the earth was really poor quality. So I scoured Facebook and found this old dresser for only £20 and they even delivered it for free!

Again I was lucky enough to be collaborating with Frenchic Furniture Paint who sent over a couple of tins of their Lazy Range Chalk Paint in love Letter and Hornblower. I have used many types of paints including a few brands of chalk paint as really enjoy upcycling furniture but had never used Frenchic before. I can hand on heart promise you that it’s the easiest and best chalk paint I have ever used. It is super easy to apply, requires minimal prep and leaves the furniture with a lovely finish without even needing to have to apply any wax to seal it as its all in the paint.

They have so many different colours and paints for inside and outside if you want to take a look

I also had a little play and upcycled some picture frames with the Hornblower Blue paint, a bit of mod podge and some gold flakes from Sostrene Grene, and I have to say I am pretty pleased with how they turned out!

I have picked some beautiful items up from some small businesses including, MelPorter, Knots and Belles, The Handmade Scandi Company, and Betty Dream Gifts. They all have beautiful Instagram accounts also if you want to head over and give them a follow.

Her lightshade was previously gifted from Iconic Lights and is such lovely quality and very reasonably priced at only £18.00 for a large shade.

We have stuck with her old bedding and all the other furniture and lamps are from her original bedroom, as they are still fit in with the room decor and she still loves them. I was also trying not to go crazy on the spending in the run up to christmas.

There are a few more ‘bits’ i would love to add to the room but I am waiting for her to have them for Christmas as they will be dual use, as they will basically be toys that will look good in there too. Such as she has a a little wooden dolls house that i have bought her for christmas that will look great in the room.

But overall i am so pleased with how the whole room transformation has turned out, Grace is over the moon which is the most important thing of all, so we couldn’t be happier!

If I have missed anything or where anything is from and you want to know- just drop me a question in the comments and i’ll let you know!


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