Furniture Painting Fun…

After recently upcycling a desk for Harrys bedroom it’s safe to say that I was ready to have a play and get started with another furniture painting project. It did not take long for Grace to be complaining with a little ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out!) as she was disappointed that harry had a new piece of furniture and not her!

As we are currently in the process of giving her bedroom a bit of a makeover it was the perfect opportunity to have a little play on a piece of furniture for her! I was also lucky enough at this point to get the opportunity to work with Frenchic and trial their products that are specifically designed for furniture painting and see how we got on.

Again I was begrudged to spend unnecessary money on poor quality items so went trawling the Facebook Marketplace again and it came up with a solid mahogany sideboard with large mirror that they even delivered for the grand total of £30. I mean who can quibble at that!

This did definitely take quite a lot longer to get back to its natural beauty as had been varnished upon varnished upon varnished with the darkest wood stain possible which sat on the wood like gloop! The sander was just no match for it so we had to break out the nitro mores and after many many layers of varnish stripping we were back to a base where we could begin sanding it down.

I decided with this item again that i wanted to leave the top natural to show the woods natural beauty and as a natural contrast against the pink that Grace had chosen for her bedroom colour scheme. We could only strip the top of the unit in the end as the rest of the cupboard was quite damaged with dents and scratches but also nearly impossible to get stripped down. It tooks hours to just do the top.

The frenchic paint was so super easy to use. A little amount genuinely goes a long way and you don’t even need to really prep most surfaces to use the paint. As I had done a little stripping and sanding of the the areas we were painting it really did go on a dream, super smoothly and is easy to get a nice finish.

They have a number of ranges that suit all areas of the home both indoor and outdoor and some that are even more user friendly. If you are unsure about taking the leap and giving furniture painting a go, I would highly recommend the Frenchic lazy range as it’s pretty much ‘idiot proof’- If I can do it anyone can!!

If you are thinking of getting started on a project or sprucing up an old furniture item, I highly recommend taking a look:

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